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NBA game


Magic could turn it on and off.  Isaiah {sic} could not turn it off. Michael had to learn it, Bird knew nothing but it.  Labron appears to be one wo has learned it, much as Jordan did.  Durant leans toward it, but apparently is not quite there.  The it is the freedom to be totally alpha dogl  If you have ever been the alpha, you know what I mean.  If you have never known that, then I could never take you there with words.  It is, perhaps, a mind set, but I prefer the phrase mind free, insstinct take over experience.  If you get there, you can realease others into the same zone, and then away we go.  It is a beautiful thing to be in, and it is not limited to sports, but sports is  a really good ilustration of the behavior, especially in basketball because of the nature of the game.  More thtn any other sport, an indiviual can come out of nowhere to help a teamate, and what better way to ilustrate true alpha behavior.  pretty soon, the ead of the alpha is followed and everyone starts helping each other.  Just like a pack should.

Enough 4 now

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