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Trust Yourself

I am going to try something here that is difficult. I realize that what makes sense to me will not necessarily make sense to many other people, which has been a frustration of my existence. With that said, here I go.

It has been recently noted by an author (of whom I will try to find an cite) that there are about 25% of Americans who do not have substantive interaction with anyone who is different from them in racial/heritage origin. Clearly, such a person would have to come from other than the big cities or even the major metropolises of America. I grew up in such a town, of 14,000 people, in which there was only one African American family. In that town, and the towns and farm lands in which the current 25% reside, there was controversy between the different Euro American heritages that lived there. First, there was a religious divide, but always within the Christian sects. There were Jews and I learned from my close friend that prejudice was felt, but no violence.

The Isolated 25% (the “I-25”) are the people to whom P45 appeals with his proposal that others should return to the country from which they came. Note this, though, that at one time in the history of those isolated people, certain sections of the Euro American population were ostracized and put upon by the other Euro Americans who were the franchise by which the community ran financially. Let’s start with western PA since that is the rhythm in which I matured up to age 15. My family was largely Scots/Irish, but one grandmother was Slovak and the other was Irish/German. In the town, we were included in the franchise largely because we were Presbyterian and Masonic. We were the lower level of the franchise, but we were in a place such that if we danced in the rhythm of society there we could have a predictable and relatively sweet existence.

I did not know it at the time, but if you were Catholic and Italian, you were not directly included in the franchise. You were put up with, but looked down upon by those at the top of the franchise. Heck, even those like my family were looked down upon a bit, but we were still accepted for work in the mills and plants owned by the franchise members, who probably had land grant ties back to the formation of the state. As time went on, and especially after WW II, as the result of information gained by men who left town and fought next to people of other ilk, though still segregated by color, and learned that the heritage from which a person comes is not determinative of their intelligence, honesty and courage. Those values are true in every heritage group is what they learned and the acceptance of “others” in the isolated community began to expand. Eventually, all of the Euro Americans met each other in high school and romance further accelerated the mix. Heck, Romeo and Juliet had nothing compared to mixes in the isolated communities.

So here we are now, with the “we” being the I-25. Actually, I am not isolated since I moved from that town to a suburb in Detroit – actually an island upon which 7,000 resided and not a single non-Euro American of which I was aware. Wait, let me correct that as there was a respected doctor who happened to be Syrian by heritage, whose wife was Euro American, but that was an isolated instance there. Most of the people were really well off. Heck, the houses that faced Canada were like those in the Great Gatsby. Anyway, though, I learned to drive in Detroit, went to the University of Michigan and learned first hand that the intelligence, honesty and courage standard by which my intuition measured people did not depend upon any heritage divide. I played street ball in Detroit in my twenties on courts upon which I was the only Euro American in the neighborhood. I accepted what took place, but I was unusual. I learned, though, that honesty carried the day with everyone, eventually.

Note to the I-25: The other 75% of Americans have similar experiences to mine. They are not afraid of a variance from their ethnic heritage because they see that mere ethnic variance is not the reason a person is what they are. The images formed in their brains arise from first person evaluation rather than a sensational picture painted on TV or the internet based upon an isolated situation.

Let me give you another reference for this story. I spent time in a variety of countries around the world, and one of my longest give and take experiences was in Israel. In that country I took a 10 mile walk alone one day, just so I could say I dipped my feet in the Mediterranean. I walked through neighborhoods that were “Orthodox” and this was on their sabbath. I walked through a French neighborhood and other neighborhoods without incident, and really not even a second glance. I talked to the people, most of whom spoke English, Yiddish and another language fluidly. What I learned was that the picture we get from the news does not in any sense reflect the concerns of the people on the street. They just want to live and let live.

Here is my push to expose the I-25 to a new paradigm. One that is not based upon fear and loathing of a “threat” painted by TV, the Internet and those within politics who would use your fear only for the purpose of getting elected. P45 is not concerned with you per se, but he will play on your fears to get your vote. Afterwards, though, your place in the franchise will not change. He really doesn’t have a care about anyone but himself.

The franchise of America changes all the time. At first, it was the food that we could provide to the world. All of the canals, from the Erie canal, to canals in Ohio and in Chicago allowed farm goods to move through the water system to the east coast. New Orleans grew large because it brought the same value out of the river ways that led to the Mississippi river. For centuries, this transportation, augmented by rail road and trucking, has enabled the movement of agricultural goods to the world. That movement made America “good” for those who produced the agricultural goods moved. The I-25 live somewhere along those routes of old. They would love it if the US never changed in such regard, but they (you) must realize that the world keeps spinning, which is why the franchise(s) of today are not the franchise of yesterday.

Heck, remember the tobacco that was largely grown in North Carolina and Kentucky? Remember the big fights that Tobacco Industry fought in the ‘80s and 90s, and with a recently mandated admission of knowledge of harm, relating back to a court order from somewhere near 2006? Big Tobacco got all of the farmers on their side for political purposes, but once the cat was out of the bag now most of the current tobacco industry is grown outside of the US. Anyone beside the actual farmers who care about this? Heck no! That is just one obvious example that the finance of the US is now based upon mental labor and service rather than physical exertion. Sure, the physical aspects are still necessary, but they are not the place to which the youth are headed. The “nerds” of the 60s and 70s are now the main players in the franchise. Those people come from all heritages and the world has changed. Those people are OK and many Euro American exist side by side with them, mostly based upon finding those of their intelligence, honesty and courage from all heritages instead of merely relying upon their personal heritage as the measuring stick.

To those of you in the I-25 I suggest to you that your best move is to deny the appeal that is being made to you, for you will not be able to maintain your isolation in today’s world, just as it has always been. When you meet a different person face to face you will have to evaluate them and yourself and you will see that mere color or heritage is not controlling. Don’t let the politicians put you in a box for their purposes. Kick open the door to the room and let the light in. Accept a different paradigm because it is clear that being “white” (hate that moniker) is a divide that is without basis in fact. You are no different than what America has become. It was designed to become a melting pot and it has. It is the most unique country in the history of the world. Every other country in history, including “the East” has been founded upon the rock that is a prevalent heritage group. (Heck, Japan was created centuries ago by the people in “China” telling a group that they had to leave or die.) The constitution of US expressly recognizes that one heritage was not in control. That is what makes America Great.

The wheel is turning and you can’t slow down

You can’t let go and you can’t hold on

You can’t go back and you can’t stand still

If the thunder don’t get you then the lightning will

(J. Garcia)


Each individual should look at their personal intelligence, honesty and character – as the result of living, and decide if their personal honesty and character can allow them to accept the prejudice that politics would have them apply – through fear –  such that they turn their back on the clear and obvious variances between the displayed character of P45 and the standard by which they measure themselves and others. Is blatant and unrepentant lying (just one undeniable behavior) a characteristic you accept in others, much less those who would decide for you? Don’t let fear of the unknown dictate your steps. There are many Euro Americans who live every day with other heritage folks and have no issues other than the same issues they have with their own heritage group!  Join us in making your own choice.

Exponential Odd Ball – Kawhi Leonard

I offer the following as a POSSIBLE explanation of why Kawhi Leonard does what he does. Even Mr. Leonard would not be to this place at this point in his life, as the awareness of his attributes is not fundamental to the exercise of those attributes. Mr. Leonard may be an exponential odd ball.

First, he may be a highly intuitive learner/practitioner of life. If so, he has spent his life trusting his intuitive reaction to every moment of life he has faced. People of that ilk never learn not to trust their instinct. By this process everything they do is without the delay, miniscule as it is, caused by conscious thought devoted to checking their intuitive reaction before allowing it to be exercised.  Hold that for a minute (or two).

Second, he may have a high talent when it comes to spatial awareness. Spatial awareness is something that is tested for in IQ tests, so his “permanent record” from schooling may give a hint of this second odd ball trait. Oh, I forgot. Highly intuitive people, those who have not ever learned to doubt their intuitive reaction simply because that reaction has always proved to be valid, are well less than 20% of society. For high acuity in spatial awareness, we are talking at least the second separation value of ten percent of society, and I am making a generous allowance, as both of those percentages are likely well less than I have ascribed.

Third, he may be a lateral thinker. Now here is the real separator if he is such. The term Lateral Thinking was coined by someone in the sixties. If you look it up you will eventually come across a statement to the effect that the normal human brain does not operate laterally. It seems that all of mankind operates in direct thinking, especially when addressing a problem that is in front of them.

Fourth, and more obvious to the general public: He is strong, tall, fast a foot, has big hands and a big wing span. Even in the NBA, those combination of attributes are recognized as a small percentage of the participants, and those guys are the cream of the crop against which to measure such things.

The physical attributes are the subject of much discussion by those who earn a living through such discussion. The “direct” thinking of people lead them to such a discussion and a certain level of understanding allows them to put Mr. Leonard into a box they can understand. However, there is a clear bewilderment from even the most seasoned analyzer when they get to a point of conclusion. Heck, the Greek Freak is taller, just as quick and with other physical attributes that have been recognized so as to set him aside and above all other participants in the NBA, except that he was clearly tempered by the defense of Mr. Leonard. Everyone saw it, the numbers show it, but the direct thinking mechanism of humans do not allow for the complete understanding. If any of you readers played a sport at a relatively high level you may have run into a player, even as a kid, who surprised everyone else in the neighborhood, and who never seemed to recognize the talent they have.

When you start with Mr. Leonard’s physical abilities, then add the trust of his intuition, you see that his reaction time is shorter than others. At the level he plays, even a small reduction of reaction time is a big factor. When that reaction time presumes the accurate read of spatial awareness, especially in basketball were there are multiple people who can affect the interaction that influences the relationship of everyone, the analysis performed quicker and more accurately gives great advantage. If he has the innate ability such that his brain works laterally, instead of the direct reaction appreciated by everyone else, then the physical application of all of his talents makes it look like he is on a different plane because he “sees” alternatives and applies solutions in his real time, which is slight blinks ahead of everyone else. Hence the mystery.

Perhaps he is, in fact, an Exponential Odd Ball.

The last thought: if Kawhi is this person he has been so his entire life. As a result, he would not have articulated to himself why he is who he is. He would likely have not perceived that he was different than everyone else, merely wondering, from time to time, why others didn’t “get it” as he has. His outward appearance in reaction to things seems to show this, which reaction is noted as different, but not understood, by those who comment about what he appears to be up to. The thoughts I put down here would allow for him to “see” it for the first time, but it would still evade the general population and even those who are familiar with sport analysis. That is the story of EOB.

Danger Approaching

Why does the General Public not see this:

Trump lost two court rulings this week, in disparate Federal Courts, and NY enacted a law that will expose his tax returns. The numbers will show his real financial profile, and the Deutsche Bank information will show documentary trails of the security retained by various lenders. (I have experience with the machinations of real estate development, and insolvency proceedings in Germany and Austria, as well as Trial in US Bankruptcy Court.) Those lenders are known to Trump and he knows the path they show. So, he is under extreme pressure on many fronts that are not specious in the potential outcome.

He is stepping up offensive behavior around Iran, forcing them to react.

He walked out of the last summit with North Korea and that has forced them to react.

He stepped up the financial battle with China three weeks ago and this week they called him out for the obvious behavior he exhibits, and they have reacted further affecting the world financial picture.

Trump will take any war, literally, for a chance to distract everyone and to exercise nationalistic type control over the behavior of the US in “response” to the behaviors set out above, all of which he created by his crude, unsophisticated and sophomoric negotiation behavior.

I will tell you why people don’t see this: Because they would have to shift their paradigm for evaluating US presidential behavior from what has applied in the past. It was always safe to support presidents until right now. It is not safe to trust this guy and most people have never witnessed the loss of trust in the behavior of someone who was in charge. It is there to see now, in the moment, but about 80% of the population will only see it when it is a fait accompli. Seriously, the US is in physical danger because of his behavior. Oh, and the Russians are merely cracking up as they watch.

It doesn’t take a complete 180⁰ turn of the paradigm. Not even a 90⁰ flip. All a person need do is just take a step to the right or the left of the path they have been walking, in order to see the path that is exposed. Right now, the General Public only sees the back of the person just ahead of them on the path that has been the reasonable paradigm of a citizen. Without an understanding of the curve the path has taken, the marching will continue. I hope knowledge is conveyed and accepted soon.  Post Mortem is dangerous, though typical, way to learn all of this.

Trump Financial Escape Plan

I wrote months ago that the money trail would lead to the undoing of Trump’s family such that someone would come to Trump and tell him that they had him. The rulings this week, by two Federal Courts and a newly enacted NY State law will divulge a lot of his finances, both tax wise and bank loans wise. The bank loans will all be secured by documents that are filed such that the ultimate debts and security will be exposed. I believe it is likely that Russian interest will be dead center on the debts and the losses on the taxes will be tied to various real estate failures claimed.

Meanwhile, the US is stepping up military pressure on Iran, though there is not much agreement, and certainly no clear threat other than the one the activities of the US is creating as reaction to what Trump is ordering. Why? Well, if Trump is in trouble, perhaps he things a war will cut off all this other stuff. I is so Nationalistic in the path chosen that I can’t understand why no one else sees it. A distraction? Ouch that might just hurt a lot.

Just like my earlier prediction, this is now out there. Let’s see what happens.

Car Dancing

This is hard to put “down” simply because I realize that it flings open the door to a room that is not visited by many. I am a person that when it comes to doing certain things that seem to be the proverbial “right” thing to do in a tough circumstance, I will do so without any thought. It is entirely intuitive and I could only not do it by forcefully arguing with myself. That step of arguing with my thought happens when there can still be a choice, but on some issues there is no choice to be made, life for life is a trade you accept in support of the end game that is being laid out by circumstanes. (Does anyone get that? I wrote it a few days ago and I see the path, but I also see that I did not articulate every step on that path, as I run the path and don’t care about individual steps, trusting on my feet to take care of that.)

I have not died yet, which is why putting this down is weird because I only know about my status by living it out. Here are some of the steps I have taken, as I look back.

I learned to drive in Detroit. It was 1969 free to hit the road on 12:01 the day I turned 16. I had been driving with an adult licensee in the car for a month, but I was free after that moment. I had access to a ‘67 Mustang convertible, red with a black top and black interior, 289 two barrel, automatic, standard AM/FM radio. (Later I added an 8 track on a mount under the dash with two 10” speakers tucked into the back seat corners.

I will summarize what I became for you, then maybe give you examples of how I got there. When I drove, in those days and as I drive now if I don’t tell myself not to, every single moment was like a Nascar race. That is what happened on the streets of Detroit in the late ‘60s early ‘70s. I lived there, schooled there, had the basketball Jones there and worked there in the decade of the seventies. I even had a CDL there.

What I learned was that at any moment a dance may develop between 2 or more cars. The Dance could be on a Freeway, a multi lane highway, city street or even a neighborhood as you headed to a commercial street. What I learned on a fundamental level was that you better not enter onto the dance floor unless you were ready to contend with bad behavior. What I also learned is that some time you DO have to be the baddest to get through an event, but other times you merely have to be bad enough to show the steps you are taking are valid. As baddest, you make your move and lead. Sometimes you can show the baddest that you can run even and that is all they need to see. Seriously, in Detroit when you raced then at least half the time you ended up waving to the guy you raced (on the freeway/highway) or even talking to them at the next stop light if it was a city street.

So, I have never wrecked as the result of a dance, but on two occasions the other dancer wrecked. They wrecked because they were either not paying immediate attention, made a bad assumption, or just didn’t realize that my dancing ability was excellent. (In real life I always had good footwork when playing sports, or running from bullies as a kid, and perhaps that footwork analysis was applied by my brain when I Car Danced.)

What brings this all to mind is a recent incident that focused my understanding of my behavior, especially relevant to the behavior of others. Now, to be fair, I have a bumper sticker, square in the middle of my bumper that reads “Detroit Law”, so anyone with that view should begin to realize the paradigm with which they are dealing. Here’s the thing, well one of the things, I have learned: the adrenaline people get from a real or perceived affront to their “right” to a spot on the road sends them right to “fight or flight”. Further, those with a pick up or an SUV assume the “size” of their vehicle and almost always choose to fight, or at least not to step back.

When I am driving, if I size up a tight spot approaching me I will intuitively begin to evaluate alternatives available to me, fast, slow, change lane, etc. The other day it was 10 in the morning so and I was on a one way, two lane, city street with cars parked on both sides. As I came around a blind turn in the left lane, adjacent to what turned out to be an SUV (it had not registered with me except to be in a lane that was not of immediate concern to me) the alternative evaluation started on its own.

A good block ahead was a car moving much slower, no other cars involved. I was already past the nose of the guy next to me and I knew if I goosed it I would go around the car in front of me and back to my lane without stress to him. (Except…) So I goosed it and put my blinker on at the same time, I was committed and had plenty of room for the move, but apparently when he saw my blinker he wanted his lane regardless. He was too late, but he came right up on my bumper because he goosed it anyway. Then he got really stupid thanks to the adrenaline.

Before I could go left he went around me and back in front of me. Since the left lane was still clearly available, I went there. But, oh, he was not done with the adrenaline. He jack knifed in front of me and his door opened. I sized him up, younger, lighter in weight and maybe a little shorter than me. I was out at least as fast as him and walked to meet him face to face. This is what I told him, before he could say a thing, “You made a decision, I made a decision and you made another decision. Are you going to make a third decision right here?” By this time, his brain was registering my body language and realizing it was not SUV v Station Wagon any more. He turned and walked away. In Detroit, back in the day, that would have been the end of it, but on this day I knew I had him and I couldn’t resist adding, “I thought not” as he walked. (Never do that in Detroit, by the way.)

Some day I will be shot, but heck, I am old and that may save some less culpable person from being shot by the same guy. Choosing not to behave in a manner I think appropriate, in the immediate circumstance, is not a page in my book. Most people would have to make a hard choice to act my way and would never make that choice, wondering how people like me do that. (I have three times, at least, faced extreme physical harm to protect someone less empowered than me, on city streets, a parking lot and a park.) Wow, told you it was hard to put down.

Not everyone can be Hemingway
(not even Hemingway)

A Fundamental Snap

This is intended to be observational in furtherance of opening a door to a room of which I don’t think many people of a certain background would ever be aware otherwise. If you grew up in a middle-class neighborhood of largely stable mom and pop families who were all dancing to the rhythm of the so-called middle-class world, then you may never have been exposed to the room in which people with Attachment Disorder or Separation Anxiety live their life. As such, you would have to learn what is meant by the experiences of those who live in this other room, to which I am going to open the door.

In the room with which you are familiar, which is the one I grew up in. You came home from the hospital and your mom took care of you on a nearly immediate basis. As you proceeded through the first 6 days of your life, that connection was never at risk and most likely that connection remained until your mom passed away. Whether that relationship was good or bad in the long run is a different room from that to which we are headed. The point is that you had an attachment to your mom from the start and that was never interrupted. You also had attachment to others, like dad and siblings, maybe grandparents, but where you learned, on a fundamental level, that an attachment was a valuable and trustworthy “thing” was from that unbroken connection. In your world, there was never an alternative that had to be reckoned with.

OK, let’s look at an alternative. Let’s say you were taken from the hospital by Dad and never saw mom again. Well, if dad steps in as the attachment that can be trusted, maybe the disruption of the original attachment during the first feedings of life, fundamental as it is, does not mean that much. But what if dad takes you to “grandma’s house” and you are left in her care. Again, if the attachment to at least one adult is in place, perhaps you have not left the trustworthy attachment room yet. Let’s say, though, that dad fades for whatever reason, then grandma fades as well. Let’s say you end up in Foster Care because the adult responsible for you fails. All of those are attachments that have been broken.

Now, here is the real rub. Let’s say you are only three years old. Your brain is entirely intuitive, no ability to intellectualize the situation. No COPING SKILLS developed at all in your brain. As a child you simply learn, on a fundamental level, that ANY attachment cannot be trusted. And, the defense that comes to a child’s brain is thus: I cannot allow an attachment to form because when it ends, and it will invariably end, the pain is something that I don’t want to face. The only choice I have is to be sure I don’t attach so that I assure that I avoid the pain of the loss that I am sure will happen. That is the kid survival response.

The subject is much deeper, but if you have any sense of empathy all, you are now peeking into the room of those that face some form of the circumstance I set out. Kids that have their attachments broken learn a way of life well different from what most of society takes for granted.

Now reckon with this: The US Government, on purpose, and as conceived and promoted by Stephen Miller, decided to purposefully disrupt the attachments of kids from their parent at our border. Why? Well we don’t have to guess, because Miller actually promoted that it was for the purpose of teaching people not to come here. REALLY, are those kids mere pawns in his game? Yes.

If you go to Arraignment Court in any city in America, you will see Attachment Disorder in many of the defendants, and they are not immigrants, but those here who have grown up in a different room from that familiar to the part of society who is in control of the rhythm of society. Without attachments, society has very little sway on them, so why in the world would the government voluntarily and with knowledge a foresight choose such a path for kids in exchange for teaching their parents something they won’t “get” anyway?

Little Big Horn?

Trump is not unlike General George Armstrong Custer. (Custer was last in his graduating class of West Point and only got a chance in the army at all because he graduated in 1862, in the middle of the Civil War.) Really, if you read a summary of their lives, say in Wikipedia, things jump out, and remember, Trump’s Little Big Horn is yet to occur.

They both had yellow hair upon which they put too much emphasis, but that is a superficial indicator. Both exhibit the trait of the initial overwhelming of a foe that might be surprised and give up without fully ascertaining the best path to success. Here is the common problem: Once that technique is displayed and learned it will not work.

In the combined Native American tribes that joined up to face Custer, he faced fighters who were being kicked off their land because gold was found on it. WTF they thought, we got nothing else to do, so let’s see if we can use the white man’s rhythm against him. They would not challenge the initial power of the 7th Calvary, but looked to the long path they could walk better. They lured Custer into thinking he had the surprise and the numbers. Oops.

Trump, in dealing with North Korea and China, not to mention South Korea since they are directly impacted by both of those other fronts, does not understand that their history is based upon more than 4 centuries of practice, where even those places from which the USA rhythm develops is maybe 2.5 centuries, and most directly about one century. “They” see things in terms of a much longer period than do we, and Trump is on even a more limited time frame of understanding. Heck, for him 6 days is a long look ahead. For the Chinese, 6 years is NOTHING and you can bet that North Korea is in a similar mindset. As with Custer’s Native Americans, what else do they have to occupy them?

Oh, and don’t get me started on Russia. Heck, their entire way of governance “fell” 30 years, or so, ago. So, the Oligarchs, newly created despots of local import, can easily out wait and mess with any US President whom considers him self their buddy. Same is true for the Ruling Family of Saudi Arabia. Seriously, they are ruled by a family.

Trump sees himself in the same light, but this is the U S A, thank you. We will expose him, or Mueller will, and it will be up to US, for the first time in history, to show a different historical outcome than has happened in history when a Nationalist tries to leverage the people against the people. For the first time in history, the majority of the population, as compared to all of the minorities of the population added together, is not 90% of the population.

One thing we have here, though it is not well recognized yet: While the US pays homage to a racial heritage of Euro American settlers, our Constitution allows that they should not be the ultimate determiners of the rhythm by which the country dances. We are intended, by the Constitution, to be a combined rhythm. We are slowly learning that by the variance that is in the air waves as we operate. Out in parts of the country, the rhythm of the people living there is still largely isolated and comfortable for them, but the internet will change that faster than in the past. In the cities, and elsewhere now thanks to the internet, the white Euro Americans who are not rich are finding that those others who are not rich have a valid rhythm. Trump and Custer apply one sole rhythm that was comfortable for them, but could not stand scrutiny of others with whom they came in contact. Just wait and see.

Well, that’s enough for now.