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Reality of Regulation


With the widespread blackout in India, preceded by the Nuclear incident in Japan it should (could) be more evident that the regulations that we employ in the US needs to continue.  Don’t mention that the tegulatioon creates inefficieny, for two reasons. the cost of the immediate affect should a similar event occur.  Secondly, it is clear that the safety and efficiency of the populus cannot and should not be governed by the set of numbers that could be put forth based upon efficieny.  (Isn’t that pretty simple?)  The Government cannot be run as a business, because the purpose of the Government is not limited to, nor even predicated upon, the goal of making a profit. They are, though charged with increasing shareholder value, a term that is Shakespearian in application.  I suggest that the SH value means that each citizen’s needs must be considered.  The needs of the wellmonied are few,the benefits they have by residing here are so numerous that we can be confident that the choice will be to stay here, even if their income is reduced by taxes.  Alternatively, the wellmonied could prove to be good capitalists by creating American factories to make goods, and pay a higher price for the goods produced to support the work force.  Alternatively, wait for the infrastructure collapse, perhaps for a reason that we don’t even see now, but  that reults from a pure money aspect choice.  For those that aren’t there yet, I mean that if the money guys are allowed to run free, they will not care about the wellfair of the populus, except well too late since as much as numbers guys would promote otherwise, things can go to shit well before the numbers tell the story.

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