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Commenters on the NBA seem to agree that the Lakers are surprisingly bad and the Nicks are surprisingly good. Here’s the thing – Defense. If you watch an NBA game that matters, you will, if you pay attention will see that the art of the defense played, by the WHOLE team, is the separator.  The Heat`s run last year was led by defense, especially starting in the Indiana series.

The Lakers can still work toward the end of the season and bring on their defense. The Nicks are benefiting from Rasheed Wallace, who is not just an alpha dog, but a dirty dog (my term).  He is the best weak side  big (maybe ever, but certainly in the same vein as Russell), and he orchestrates the whole defense.  In fact, just practicing with him has most likely “instructed” the other players on the team.  It may not be conciously expressed, but his body language alone is probably enough. Got a ton more on this.  Anyone like the ride, or even get it?


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