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H. Thompson & C. Castenada


Hunter spent most of his writing “career” high on something. Maybe he had to, maybe he choose to, or maybe he would say it choose him. Carlos learned, as he was on his second foray with the sorcerer in the Sonoran mountains, that his past experience with the hallucinogenics was merely to accelerate his appreciation of that portion of the brain that was exposed by the door that they opened, but it was incumbent upon him to find his way into that room without the assistance they provided. When you get to that stage, an entirely different paradigm(s) is continuously presenting itself. The number of possibilities in such regard is infinite, at least as far as this human can discern, since the reference points are always shifting.

They shift for any number of reasons. Some obvious ones are physical circumstances, proximity of danger, proximity of animals other than humans, proximity of humans (including a large scale as to the particularities of the humans in proximity), atmospheric considerations (temperature, humidity, precipitation, electric charge, etc.). Anyway, if you become “aware” of the part of your brain exposed by hallucinogenics, one of the first things you experience is a greater awareness of what is happening around you (in addition to what is happening within you).

In the old days, the days before paper, let’s say, any enhanced awareness was passed on only by personal involvement. In so doing, the one with the realization would learn, though failed attempts, that the capacity to grasp, much less employ, the understanding that had somehow been foisted upon him/her, that the ability to even grasp the divulgence was limited. The ability to apply It was even more limited. They also learned, sometimes to a fatal extent, that acceptance of the reality that they realized was not to be granted by the masses. They also realized that an influential manipulator of perception could make them the “bad” guy in a heartbeat. In fiction, which probably mirrored reality, but with less preciseness, records the isolation of the odd balls. The mystics, wizards, recluses, etc. were feared always, and only occasionally respected. They were never accepted within the larger group. They understood this, though, at some point. Maybe just as the fire was lit under their feet or they were cast into the pit.

Let’s look at today’s world. The ability to fool (confidently misdirect) the masses is increased because the communication is no longer face to face. The natural inclination to read a person’s body language, so as to discern the pretense, or the outright lie, is lost when the communication is on the internet (even if there is video. (For, a video can be staged in many number of ways in order to hide or promote a certain “truth”.) Here is the bottom line: if you get any of the foregoing, then you are an odd ball. If you are a good odd ball, you are destined to be banging your head against the wall. If you are a bad odd ball, the see the Charles Mason story. For an example of the confident “misdirector”, see Jim Jones.

If you are a good odd ball, I suggest you lay low until the masses ask for your assistance. In the meantime, though, you can continue to grow in awareness and apply it on a one on one basis. Recognize, though, that you will get looks of confusion and non-acceptance except upon rare occasion. One cool awareness that has come to me, though, applies to ne’er do wells that you meet face to face. If you are honest in your expression of reality to them, which is likely contrary to the behavior that they would otherwise choose to exercise, it gets in their head and they don’t even know it such that you can change the path they are on. At least temporarily. This concept was conveyed in the first Star Wars picture show when Obi suggested that, “These are not the droids you are looking for.”

That is a case in which the mystical was articulated, and the masses could accept it because it was in fiction, but I have seen it work in real time. As one writer opined, if you have a true story, you probably have to tone it down in order for it to be accepted.

So that is it for now. Anyone out there?

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