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Save the last dance for yourself


Black People: You have heard this story before, somewhere in your life or the tales that were told to you by your elders. Donald Trump wants to slide up next to you, put his arm around you and suggest that you might as well trust him because who else are you going to trust. To borrow from a book written by a person who was half Native American and half white (The Outlaw Josie Wales), he is pissing on your back and telling you it is raining.

His new PR guy (I am not sure of the title, but that is what he is) comes from the world of right wing media in which he makes a living promoting the racist positions taken by Trump in the past. AND, when this is all said and done, he will still be in that world and selling the story to all who will gobble it up. Like that certain talk show host who knows everything, they don’t need a big market share to make money. They need a bigger market share to get the Trump Card elected though, and that is why they are reaching out to you now.

All of this is just my opinion and observation gleaned from TV and the internet.

It is clear as can be, however, that the new PR guy need not believe any of the stuff that he promotes in order to make money, and that is the bottom line for everyone in the game. The PR guy puts it on the teleprompter and the Trump Card reads it.

True, money (and power) is also the bottom line for the Clintons, but they will at least be true to the person that brought them to the dance. Trump will go home with whomever has the sweetest ride at that moment. In fact, what Trump and his camp are now doing is suggesting that he could spend some time in the back seat of a couple of different cars and still go back into the dance, hoping that no one notices him jumping from car to car.

Just think about what his white buddies, who bought into his message of isolationism and hate, are thinking now. Do they realize he is pandering for votes, with the hope that when elected he will revert to the promises he implied to them? Do they not see that the time he spent in the back of their car is now in the past and he is looking for better way to end his night?

Please don’t let him in your car, as it will just be another case of The Man using words instead of actions.

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  1. Dave permalink

    Trump publicly announced last week that he will be do anything to win. This pandering to blacks and Hispanics is evidence of that, but I’m guessing no one will really fall for it. Just motion simulating action. Yes, the people from Breitbart have a win-win because any publicity is good publicity for them and their base.

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