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High Noon – Nov. 9, 2016


November 9, 2016.

Heard today that there was a KKK rally in North Carolina celebrating the Trump win. My mind wandered to this place: Did Germans have any hint of what was happening when Hitler won election as Chancellor? If not, did they at least recognize what was occurring when they dissolved the government and made him the Fuhrer?

That is where my brain took me today.

Here I am, like the sheriff of a small town, aware that a big cattle baron and his rowdy outliers have invaded and are interested in doing whatever they want. They will make the town theirs because they believe they know the answers to all the questions. Doesn’t matter that a few Native Americans, Coloreds or Mexicans might be inconvenienced. Also doesn’t matter what the women in town think or any of the other folks that are not like them. Heck, they tamed this country, didn’t they? They will make it just like it used to be – before all these folks showed up.

Well, I will fight them when the time comes, and call them out when they are in my presence. That is all I can do, not because I choose to, but because I would have to choose not to. High Noon?

Don’t expect any backup, though, cause it rarely comes. Oh, once a couple of marines came to back me up, just for sport, when I challenged a gang of about 40. That was fun, and maybe why the marines joined in. Anybody else want to come out and play?

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