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Outing the Flop


The rich whores who supported Trump (“Card”) are finding out that whoring out always brings a price. They supported the Card because they would make money, call it found money now, because of reduction in regulation. All that they spent in defense of, resisting implementation of or otherwise giving attention to regulation compliance/avoidance, is greatly reduced now. Focus of certain people can be altered to a different issue, or the people let go completely. Certainly, third party consultation will shrink. The tax act was their real bonus on top of the ease of business regulatory give and take.

Each of the Card’s segments of interest (the split of his base along idealogical lines) has to whore out something in order to have the Card promote (they think) their particular issue. The right wing religious, for instance, give up a lot of moral ground.

The rich whores probably like the idea of appointment of conservative minded judges, or at least would think, “Why not?”, so they have another smile. The impact on the trading of stock, though, does not make them happy. How long can they sustain that price to them? They probably have objection to his womanizing, undercurrent of racism and anti antisemitism, or other particulars individually, but, well, you can’t have everything.

Now a lesson about the Card, just so everyone will know that he thinks his behavior succeeds. This is the real story.

The Card negotiates by means of the flopping his “argument” on the table. It is an obvious move and there are very few subtleties to it. The choice of responsive move is thought to be limited to two choices:  Either you eat shit and give up (unlikely in the current pool in which the Card floats, but sometimes can intimidate a much less financed down stream party on the contract chain); or, The other choice idealized by those that actually promote this tactic is a like response from the other side. The result of this expected move is that both parties enter the “argument” arena. Here’s the problem, the argument arena rarely creates a good solution, and certainly not a timely solution since it will immediately  suspend any efforts at discussion of the situation, shifting to a discussion of the adversarial effort now underway. Energy is not allocated to look for a solution, but is expended, instead, on the distraction of building the best city to defend, if you will. The Card lives by distraction. (Boy would he be fun to cross exam under oath.)

The time period in which the Chinese are willing do the dance of the argument arena is much, much longer than anything the Card has in mind. And, the Chinese are capable of maintaining their efforts for the entire period without real threat to the powers that make the decision (just won election and allowed to be lifetime). The Card is used to having some form of financial leverage over time when his technique works, but big banks have given him the lesson that it does not work in the absence of that financial leverage, and he has always been a one issue guy. (Some people have a hard time adjusting their paradigm, and the Card is the poster boy for that.) I have negotiated around the world, including China, and as I participated in the efforts, I learned a lot about what works in negotiation, and it is different every time, every time. I have seen floppers silenced by their own side, entirely by body language in the room.

So, the Card does this consistently in life. Fine, but to the extent that it affects our country it must be pointed out. I brought this up now because I saw a headline that the Card tweeted that we are not in a trade war with China. Ha, only if he removes his “argument” from the table because the Chinese put their argument out there as well and, all of a sudden, the Card’s argument did not look so big, after all it had been sitting out for a while, exposed.

Now, think of this exact situation applying to the North Korean incident. The only really big flop that can occur there is a nuclear situation, which has already been flopped by both sides. Do we really want the Card to be able to elect that flop? That is what is at stake. Smart and aware people get it, but the Card’s base either don’t get it or are wiling to whore out for that possibilit7, saying, “Naw, he’s just flopping”. The erosion of the ice flow upon which the Card floats is obvious, but not recognized by all those riding the flow.

Sorry, I had to do it. I have never seen a flopper that could stop on his own. They can be modified in the middle of a negotiation, but it takes a fine art to achieve the result of changing a paradigm and, clearly, the Card removes people from his proximity if they affect his paradigm at all. The emperor who had no clothes was always sure he was covered.

On to the other whores that comprise the Card’s 33% or so, of the opinion populace. They know that the Card behaves in one way to which they have express repulsion, but they allow it by looking the other way. Each segment of his supporter groups has one such objection to the overall Card, but they whore it out because he whispers in their respective ears enough to induce them, or they imagine that whisper.

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