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Jump Off the Bus


I cannot believe that people do not see the steps that Trump has and is taking with respect to my proposition that all he really intends by his term as president is to enhance his status as a “leader” in the circle of people he adores. He wants to be an Oligarch, and thinks of himself as Emperor of the USA.

First, he behaves like a little boy around Putin. Then, he holds up money to Ukraine in defense of the Russians in order to get a personal favor from them. Check out the body language of Trump and the two guys in the exchanges above. Their body language is a dead give away as to how they see him and his is a dead give away as to how he knows he stands with them.

He continues to maintain that everyone else is crazy when they determine that the Saudi Prince was principle agent for the death and cutting up of the journalist – while in Turkey.

Now, he has a call with the Turkish President, almost immediately pulls all US troops out of Syria and Turkey almost immediately attacks. The guy is the most obvious person I have ever witnessed.


He wants to show other despots that he can take their game to a new level. Why can he do that? Because the USA is the most dominant force in the world and he was given the office with the aide and assistance of what the Russians did. Seriously, if he is not checked, immediately, the impact on the entire world is going to be dramatic. He is giving turf to despots and will expect turf in return, but they will just thumb their noses to him, and it will be too late then.

Pretty soon it will some out that he is in debt to Russians, Chinese and probably Saudi’s as well. Just wait and see. Time to jump off the bus headed to the cliff, let him go alone!

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