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Good for the Pack?


I have some experience, but that begs the question of perspective.  We all get experience just by showing up and staying around.  I was raised blue collar small town, but know the country club set as well.  I have known the dignity of labor as a way of earning my way, but I also known how to earn my way by mere acting on the products of my thinking.

I need to attract a group of ultra rich folks who see that the world has changed so dramatically such that if they are true to their ancestor’s roots, then they have to look to the larger pack of which they are necessarily a member.  I figure that anyone with a whole bunch of “assets” can trace it back to someone who was a producer.  I figure many of those producers had an understanding, or at least a feeling, that their actions were going to provide an improvement for those around them, the pack of which they were a member, even if they never articulated it to themselves.  Instinct is what I am talking about.

Instinct, on one level, informs and individual to take care of himself.  Instinct of the alpha dog, though, informs him(/her) that if he does not also take care of the pack, then what does he really have?  The size of the pack used to be fairly identifiable: those with whom you shared the cave; those in your clan; those in your walled city; those that practiced your religion; those in your country; those that practiced your economic model, etc.  I suggest that, with the advent of the internet and the higher level of communication, the pack has, or will eventually, take on a larger group.

As with every step in the development of civilization, most of the awareness of this step will await the accomplishment.  However, with the advent of the greater communication to which I refer, I thought it might be interesting to throw this out there for consideration.  I have some thoughts, but I would like to see if anyone else is walking the same path.


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