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Intuitive QB


This week, I appeared before a government board, in another state, in front of which I had been once before, but on a minor matter of little substance.  Really, an advisory request, not a decision making request.  This time we had applied for a special status.  Turns out there was a big docket, taken in alphabetical order and my rep’s name began with an R.  We got to see the board in action and they were very aggressive on a number of issues.  My rep heard and applied that knowledge, resulting in her ability to respond to those issues as presented to her.  We had discussed her testimony as we waited the 3 hours until it was our turn.  Note, though, there was no “game film” by which to prepare our position to a verbal “assault”, the likelihood of which only appeared once the session started.  One of the board members threw a curve to me.  The answer/argument started formulating in my mind and I began addressing it.  One board member cut me off and asked for a vote and a second, and we got unanimous approval before I could finish.

What I learned, though, was that my brain, without ever having “seen” the process before, and without articulated preparation for the event, with attendant pre-mapping of possible hurdles to approval with a line up position and documentation in response thereto, found the path to resolution on an instantaneous basis.  Why do I tell you that?

In the two NFL games this weekend, that talent/ability of immediate analysis may be on display.  One quarterback of the 4 starting appears not to excel in that ability – Brady.  He is real good at preparing for everything that can be predicted, but not necessarily adaptive in the absence of mapping and pre-discussion in which he is taught or allowed to learn the reads resulting in the right reaction.  It may be just me, but I think that is the case. Peyton is similar, though his little brother is not.   Anyway, Wilson and Rodgers are both of that ilk, but Rogers has more data in his bank because he has been doing it longer.  While Luck has only been around for a short time, he does have a dad that played it and may have given him a head start on the data in the brain from which analysis can proceed.  Explaining this to a sensor, as I believe Brady is, as well as 80% of society, will not prove successful.  For the intuitive learners out there, you might get this.  However, it may prove out in the games.

Why is this more evident in the playoffs that the regular season? Because the playoffs give rise to new twist by the coaching staff on each side, which means the resolution of a new wrinkle can only be guessed at in advance.  Thus, the preparers cannot be fully prepared.  The intuitive and immediate reactors can see the resolution (or multiple possibilities) as the problem appears and adjust on the fly.  It is really not on the fly, but the sensors see it as that.  For the intuitive, they see it as a read of something that happened before, albeit with an extension or combination of certain prior events, but a series of results that are chronicled intuitively.  Wilson will be as good as Rodgers with this, but presently he has less experience upon which to trade. Luck could have enough now, especially since he has played NE twice in his career.  First time he look befuddled.  Second time he lost, but was not as befuddled.  It may be that the reason we have the phrase “third time is a charm” is because it takes two sets of data to enable the turnaround on the third.  Empirical Data in two respects (anyone that gets that, let me know.)

Way more, but that would be beating the dead horse for those on the path, and there ain’t no amount of convincing those that don’t see the path.

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