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Did Gruden realize that with Hundley, on the first huddle, the action shown on camera, was Gruden “authorizing” Hundley, while also showing Hundley how he can control the group.  First, he brings it right out in the open that Hundley has never been in a huddle before, then he walks up to the group and says, “This is what I would like to see”.  He has established personal control over the group, even though they are under commercial control by contract.  (Just like pros, so it ties.)  After the first try, Gruden picked out one veteran who was clearly mailing it in.  The veteran is not going to argue the call out, even internally, much less externally, so he takes it from Gruden righteously and Hundley “sees” how this aspect of leadership might be exercised.  It is how Gruden would do it, and Hundley can then see if that would work for him (really some variance).

I am not sure whether Gruden articulates any of that to himself.  He only does the huddle thing on this guy, maybe, because he had never done it before.  Gruden saw a point that needed to be discussed, and put stuff in place, then he went intuitive based upon his book of knowledge earned by doing.  He may well have set it all up in advance.  Entirely scripted?  All of it, with no ad lib?

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