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Manning – What is different (beyond metrics)


Why can’t even the pros articulate what has broken down with P. Manning. Everyone agrees that he has to have good pocket, good route running, etc. to work right. They look at metrics and put it in terms of metrics – “he just can’t do what he used to.” But what was it that he did then that he can’t now? What is the “why” not merely the “is” of the situation?

This is what no one seems to get, or say it if they do get it. Maybe (me editorializing with a smirk), Peyton learned how to make certain throws off balance, with feet and or hips “wrong”, but the rest of his body adjusted, and that is what he has lost. The ability to do with his body the adjustments that his head knew how to do. Peyton may not realize this himself, but that is the deal. Haven’t heard this from Merril, Jaws or even Farve, so wonder if they understand this on the same level as expressed herein. (Neighbordave has played a lot in life and he has acquired person experience in some fields that he seems to understand.)

BONUS: Those adjustments that are made can come one of two ways to an individual. They can arrive by pure instinct,  not thought of on the way in or in use, but learned by incremental mistakes in the calculations being made by the brain (with the mind staying out of the way) based upon what the eyes were telling it, or by conscious repetition and film analysis and the equations coming from that process, expressly through the brain. Pretty sure that Peyton is the second kind, his brother the first kind. Anyway, his body parts, mostly from the hips up, cannot adjust for the limitations provided by necessary foot placement/movement, such that the feet have to be “fundamental” or the pass is off. Some folks can age and keep that, but not Manning.

DOUBLE BONUS: The other night, at the end of a game in Cleveland (I can’t even remember the competition right now) the Cavs needed only to rebound the miss of a free throw that other team was shooting, but LaBron allowed the ball to be taken right in front of him, mostly because his feet were not right. He was never forced to learn fundamental foot work as a kid because he was so physically dominating that he could easily get away with bad foot work. He has cleaned up some, but he is still off such that it shows up because he now plays with the best in the world. Long ago, the Cavs lost a late move game with Boston, in which The Truth completely beat LaBron at the circle in order to take a jump ball tipped ball from LaBron. Pickpocketed by footwook.  Similar analysis as above, but down a different path in the same woods.

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  1. Don Bosco permalink

    Neighbor Dave,
    It was interesting reading your observations.
    Happy Shrove Tuesday.

    -A casual football fan

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