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Realy, Trump?


I just noticed that my past several blogs have been about trump. My blog is entirely intuitive such that what pops out pops out. As would likely please him, no apology is offered. So long as he keeps teeing it up, I have to hit it.

OK, what he says resonates with many people. Some of those people are “Racist” if that term can be used for purely a religious distinction. Even “smart” people, would, by bean counting or other justification, jump on the train trump is riding. Heck, they may already be the Engineer or the Conductor on that train. However, the danger to America is not the smart people, it is the “lower 80”. Since the first time people got together and lived in a “pack”, there has always been a group that needs someone else to make decisions for them.

Trump’s words make sense to them on a level that never rises to any form of cerebral analysis (based upon understanding and awareness of the history of people). The visceral reaction seems comfortable and it has always been the biggest problem, at least when there is no emergency that needs to be addressed. Once there is a recognized emergency, sometimes created by the short sighted behavior that can be a favorite of the lower 80, those that shouldn’t make decisions concede the field and go back behind the lines. Until then, though, especially now that we have wide communication through the internet that allows for silly speech and thought to be separated from the deliverer on a face to face basis, the allure of the silly is easier to promote and maintain. In the old days, someone would just call BS and that would disperse the crowd, laughing. Not so now (except this distribe).

WE HAVE TO HOPE THAT trump IS SO AUDACIOUS IN HIS SILLINESS THAT IT IS RECOGNIZABLE FOR WHAT IT IS. Once that happens, which I think may have just happened (the “tipping point” being his silliness in relation to all Muslims) the question now becomes, “How do the smart people communicate the silliness to the lower 80? Hard truth, but there it is. How can you educate the masses into understanding how silly trump is in the long run? He cannot survive reasoned application of his thoughts, but how can that be shown other than his ultimate failure in the endeavor that consists of his present undertaking. If he succeeds in his bid, the world will be facing its greatest challenge to date, the story, being true, would outstrip any “Sci Fi” story that could be made up. OMG

Last thought: this guy is not Josey Wales, he is the guy that sells the bottle of miracle potion that cures everything. As Josie mused, “How’s it work on stains?”

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