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Ugly Holiday Sweaters


I see examples, all the time, how advertising has caused the general population to waste time and money chasing a rabbit down the wrong trail. (If you grew up hunting you know that the hunter stands still and waits for the rabbit to run in a circle as the dog chases it, but that is another story.)

Presently, and perhaps more so this year than ever before, people are embracing the ugly sweater. Why? Well, everyone is doing it so it must have some purpose. The purpose is to sell stuff that makes no sense in the long run. The “ugly” really has no purpose but to call attention to it and the person wearing it (and put money in the pocket of a corporation that produces it somewhere in Asia cheaply). Does such a person ever ask themselves, “Why do I crave attention so much?” Better yet, “What is the purpose of attention gained not from doing something, but from appearing some way?”

Why does America accept that appearances are so important? That actions alone are not enough to carry you through life? Could it be that the average person, whatever that may be, cannot rely upon their actions for positive reinforcement?

Here is my challenge to those that can think and act positively in the face of a general theme of doing otherwise. Don’t concede your right to be smart and aware, even when the heard is galloping away. When you see the hunters waiting at the end of the plain veer off the path and just watch, you may have a few that follow you and they and you can avoid the drivers that are pushing the heard, as they are not interested in a few, they want the masses. Oh, and it is no use to try and stop the heard, only a cliff or a slaughter can do that.

Oh well, banging my head again, but it has a tough spot that can take it.

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