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No Good Unless You Share It


I was walking down a sunny street, lunch break of a trial in Federal Court in Indianapolis, glanced across the street at a young woman who stood out, then heard from behind me, “I see you!”.  “What? “ “It’s no good unless you share it.”

The remark came from my main witness in the case, a man I was meeting as the case unfolded, with a first name of Forest. There is way more to him and what I learned from him, both in the trial and otherwise, but the lesson of his admonishment and the follow up has stayed with me to my benefit.

NeighborDave grew up not sharing a lot. He learned from an incident at an early age that there was a risk of sharing. A risk that the other person would not understand, or perhaps accept, that the facts or significance of the feeling associated with the facts, would not even be acknowledged by the recipient of the story. ND paid attention to a lot that went on around him, seemed to see more than most, because he had “time” on his hand because his attention span was so fast moving. He didn’t see it as a “deficit”, but others may well have. Sharing this right now is risky, but the anonymity of the internet allows for it, as ND can ignore the rejection of the sharing easier than in the face to face situation.

ND has found that sharing at least exposes the void that may exist. It also highlights the difference that ND has experienced his whole life, but which he never recognized because he was always moving forward faster than he was looking back such that the disbelief and skepticism that came of up, or may have come up in reaction to his actions, never caught up with him. As he has aged, and slowed down some, he has heard the rumblings from further back in the herd. It has not stopped him from running his own path, but he now understands that some can run with him and the sharing allows for the occasional appreciation and acceptance. Wow, what a cool thing.

So, share, but be aware that if you are smart and fast, not everyone will get it. When there is a “get” though, wow.

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