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Lawyers Stopping Trump


Alright, I thought I could just sit tight and let others do the leg work of stopping the bus that the Trump Card is driving, but find that, perhaps, I should be more demonstrative in my objection and resistance.

I was introduced to people who didn’t look like me and weren’t raised in the same world in which I was raised working in a steel mill in Detroit. I learned that there were assholes of every ilk and good people of every ilk. One thing about the steel mill is that dishonesty was not allowed to flourish, since people died there if BS reined. The Trump card would have been a joke there.

Since then, I have been a tax lawyer, a commercial and criminal litigator, and more recently, international corporate counsel. I have negotiated at each stage, including in the steel mill and I have an observation about the Trump Card and what we are seeing in the early stages of his tenure. He knows only the “big dick” method of negotiation. In his private world, monetary leverage was his big dick. Now our country’s status gives him a big dick, at least he and his see it that way.

The truest thing about the big dick negotiation tactic is that it doesn’t really work except to the extent you have absolute leverage. Without the leverage, it has no play for very long. In his private world, the Trump Card used courts to leverage those with lesser assets, squeezing them in court until they couldn’t last anymore and they took less to go away. Sometimes he used the Bankruptcy laws to achieve the same end, killing off his entity to leave crediors holding a 10-30% bag.

Currently, he is using the power of the Presidency to leverage situations. The Lawyers will now have to get involved, stopping his unlawful efforts. Expect the US to spend a lot of money trying to defend his behavior. Watch for  injunctions and stays. The ACLU will need more lawyers and more money, but the fight will be taken on. The Trump Card will lose, but it is an issue of how much damage may be done before he is halted. Certainly, many individuals are immediately damaged.

About half the country thinks the Trump Card deserves to do what he is doing. However, they don’t all realize the breadth of disturbance he has started. Just wait, in 4-5 years this will be just like the decision to start a war in Iraq. Lots of people thought it was good to flop the US dick on the table for that decision, and they think screwing with refugees is no big deal as well. We will all see that it is really stupid to stop people in the process of coming here as is being done, and the Trump Card will see that his simple view of the world is just that – simple (and not well thought out). What does it say on the base of the Statue of Liberty?

The Constitution is perhaps the best man made thing ever. It is what makes the US different from every country in history. The Judicial branch is and will be the key to stopping Trump. The issue is that it will not move very swiftly. We need people within the government to do what they can, including the House and Senate. How long before people like McCain can stop the bad behavior. The Iraq situation provides a good analogy regarding a “good” idea that really wasn’t so in the big picture. Trump must be neutered ASAP. Good lawyers are needed now.

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