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Today started out to be as much of a drag as was yesterday, and others before it, because of what is taking place in Washington. The behavior exhibited, and the rationalizing of it afterwards in a manner that is totally superficial as to full logic extension of the answer, is just frustrating. I will tell you that the beauty of owning a knack at good cross examination in a courtroom breaks you from ever accepting BS that is clearly one step down, and not near the truth of, the path upon which the step is taken.

I will tell you that we should all hope that the new SC Justice is the guy from Western PA. Why, because the steel industry caused honesty to rule in the mill and that concept is the best we can hope for in any judge picked by the Trump Card. If he is from a steel mill town he may have gotten honesty while growing up – over the dinner table, on the playground and at school. If he is honest, then the Court will bring out the best in him whether he likes it or not.

This is what saved the day for me, a bit. I had a job at the house that needed to be addressed, replacing 100 year old brick mortar in a brick wall behind which I had run wire for a light, GFI and controlling switch. The job required me to think about it such that my brain moved away from the thinking devoted to bad behavior, as perceived by me. I sometimes fell like the Tommy Lee Jones Character in Lonesome Dove.

Anyway, the wall is on a porch, so not exposed to direct rain, but I am thinking that it needs to be done as if it is, why not? I filled the spaces with foam, then I cut back the foam giving myself about ½ inch of fill space. Mixing cement with some of the dust and pieces of the old stuff gave me a more particle appearance and a little bit better tint for matching. One thing learned, if you are coloring mortar/cement, put the color component in at the end. (By the way, this is a good metaphor for timing in an argument or negotiation.) My tools of choice turned out to be too big for the spaces and the viscosity of mix. I left the bucket sit in order to go find the other putty knife and it stiffened up while I was gone. Turned out to be good and when I came back, I found out that the best application tool was my finger(s). (Get those levels of metaphor?) Nice result, a sense of accomplishment, what a day.

Tomorrow, I go down to my local ACLU office and see if they could make use of a volunteer.

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