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Roller Ball?


It is axiomatic, at least to some, that history repeats itself. For instance, some people point to Rome as an example of what we have become here in the US. They also point to the rise of the Third Reich with respect to the people who are now running the US.

Here is a thought: It seems apparent to some that the people in power (read Bannon) are using the example of the English with respect to Northern Ireland in manipulating the general public in support of the last election and as we proceed down the road, all in support their quest to promote the ultra rich at the expense of two different segments of the “poor”. “What?”, you say. Though not generally acknowledged or recognized outside of academia, here is what the English did in Northern Ireland:

At one time, the working people of Northern Ireland were generally Scottish heritage Protestants and Irish heritage Catholics. (The Gaelic language or dialect, I believe, was embraced by both, but that is an aside.) The property was largely owned by English rich folks, and the Scotts and Irish, who were sometimes even referred to collectively as “Scotts Irish”, were the laborers, shopkeepers, etc. Well, they had employment/payment issues with the land owners and those land owners came up with the idea of starting a spat between the two different folks that collectively gave them indigestion and the “fight” that began between the two heritages/religions was on. By pitting these two groups against each other, who were otherwise economically aligned with each other, the English land owners were able to divert the attack against the rich to an attack back and forth between to subsets of the poor. The situation is beginning to abate, but how long has it taken? (Recall that the Irish joined the Scotts in fights against the English prior to the period in question, again solidifying the fact that those two groups had much common ground with each other.)

How does this apply to what is taking place in America? The people now in power promoted the distinction between the really, and perhaps not working, poor and the bottom of the economic ladder but still earning wages, poor. This second group is who was largely responsible for the last presidential election. They used to be “covered” by the Democrats, but the economy had cut deeply into their lifestyle and they were enticed by the possibility that the greatness of economic status they once had might be reborn. Never mind that the rich have gotten dramatically richer in a relative sense, let’s not look in their direction to level that monetary distribution, let’s focus on those needy people (below us) that are just taking from us. The Dems looked in the direction of the big money, the English land owners if you will, but the big money looked to the lower classes and ask, “What could we put in their left hand such that they would ignore what they held in the right hand?”. In the end, the fight is a diversion and the hope of the Rich is that they will proceed unimpeded. Here is one question that is begged: Will the advance of communication arising from the existence of the internet allow for the two poor groups to overcome the propaganda flowing from the ultra rich? Numbers are on the size of the poor, but can numbers outlast or quell money and the power that goes with it? (One other note of alignment relating back to the Northern Ireland example. In that case, there was a religious differential that was highlighted. In the current situation, there is the “entitlement” aspect as a divider, but also in many senses a race distinction that is added in, along with religous distinction as well. A whole bunch of possible “dislike” feeders!)

Oh, one last thought: Putin is an extremely rich person such that even if he is not promoting Russian interests may well be promoting the Ultra Rich Peoples’ Interest, also noting that there are more billionaires in Shanghai (or Beijing) than there are in New York. Perhaps we are moving to the world in which the original Roller Ball movie existed!

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