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A Good Adrenaline Rush!


As I get out of my car at the parking lot of my bank, a guy comes in after me and takes a spot next to a car that was stopped right in the middle of the lot blocking the spot closest to the door. The car at issue could have had the spot if it had bother to just make one right turn instead of stopping ½ through the spot and blocking half of the walk to the door.

So, he pulls in, gets out and stoops down a bit to look into the wrecked car, bad light, mirror, dents, etc., sees a woman in the passenger seat and starts walking in. Another car comes and pulls into a handicap slot.

Two young punks come out of the door abruptly, a couple of steps away from the old guy. (He’s over six ft and over sixty, for sure in both instances, and pushing 225. ). As they take their first step (one is maybe 5’8”, the other less than 5’6”, maybe 140 each) and he asks them:

“I am curious what you were thinking when you left your car there.”


“I am just curious as to what process you went through to come to the conclusion that leaving your car there was a good idea.”

“I was only in there for a little while” (Little guy and driver).

“What?” (from the bigger of the two ner do wells.)

Big guy turns to bigger punk and says, “I was just trying to figure out what was going through his head.”

“I don’t care.”

“Oh, I understand now”

“I don’t care” (again, and he backs up a step and squares a bit for for a right handed punch from down low headed up (based on his stance).

Old guys eyes flicker there, acknowledging the threat, he smiles but also veers eyes to the right to get a read on the little guy, who was just standing there. I am standing behind the punks and the car seeing the old guy front on from about 15 feet.

Old guy asks, “So, do you want to play fuck the rules with me?”


“Well, you don’t care, so I am asking if you want to play fuck the rules with me. There are cameras here and before I play fuck the rules I always ask.  Wait, if you have a gun, I won’t play fuck the rules, but otherwise, do you want to play?” (Yep, I flashed to The Warriors, “Come out and plaaay”)

That’s when the lady left sitting in the handicap car stands up on the far side of the car, on the floor board and, looking over, yells to have everybody to calm down, and her son comes out of the bank to yell at the two punks that that was his mom.

Well, the old guy was laughing and the punks got in their car and off they went.

Followed the old guy into the bank. He had his deposit all made out and handed it to the teller as if nothing was amiss (even though I am pretty sure they heard a lot of what went on). His hand was shaking. He looked at me and said, “Nothing much better than a good adrenaline rush.”

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  1. Muskie permalink

    it is all about me and I can do whatever I want – the AAM generation

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