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The Joke is on us.


There is a line from The Outlaw Josey Wales, not from Josey, “Don’t piss on my back and tell me it is raining.”

Why doesn’t the voting public “see” what went on last week in Washington. All of the participants in the process know it was a joke. There is no way that “Bill” will survive the Senate or see the light of day on Trump’s desk. They all know that, the “signing” was a show and a big misdirection of valuable time that could have been spent on something real. The proponents of the event know that they put a headline out, but the follow up headlines started immediately, so the news world and those who advertise through the news world were all happy to talk about it.

However, no one cares to call Bullshit overtly.

When the Democrats passed the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care for the public), they knew it was not finished. That is why parts did not come into play until years after its creation. They knew that the courts would have a say and they allowed for it. However, they were staring into more than 20 years of nothing being done on health care, and they got a bill passed. It was not perfect, but it did bring relief to millions. Now that they have seen health care, they want it even more, but they have been listening to those who take lobbying money with a contrary target.

Upon the passage of the ACA some neo conservative caucus (can’t remember its name) immediately started bellowing about how the ACA had to be repealed. Their audience bought that without much thinking about it. (Some of them became strong Trump supporters eventually, but that is another story.) Anyway, they raised a stink from the get go. They also waisted years of time putting up votes in the House that they knew did nothing but cement a voting block that liked the show. That is what the public has become – non thinking watchers of a show that is ultimately pissing on their back while telling them it is raining. Yep, I said it.

Did you notice that the Democrats are just letting things unfold? They may have smartened up. They may see that those currently promoting the Republican way of doing things will be hoist on their own petard. The Dems don’t have to point out how silly this week’s actions are, the Repubs will have to face the reality, which will see a major overhaul of the Bill by the Senate, and by the public. It will unfold by inertia now that the ball has rolled out of the House, but the story will take a long time to appear, and a waste of a lot of time and money, and misdirection of effort will occur in the process. Why does the public put up with this? Well, watching the show takes less thought and effort than getting up to change the channel, or even turn off the TV.

Well, at least that is the realization that jumps out at me.

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