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Look at the number of times that LeBron James takes “steps” when on a breakaway and you will see another reason why he is tired near the end of the game. His foot work is not as elegant as is the footwork of Curry, Thompson and KD of GS. Having good footwork does more than make you look quicker, it saves you energy. LB spends a lot of energy by powering through bad footwork, meaning at the end of the game he has less energy. That includes less mental energy.

Watch the Thompson footwork when defending the smaller (and quicker?) Irving. LB makes up for the footwork he never had to learn as a kid because he was bigger and stronger, because he is still big and strong. Note, Thompson and Curry learned it because their dads were pros and they were not merely big guys with talent. I would bet KD learned it because he was skinny as a kid (ask him?).

However, at the top level, the exercise catches up with you. LB is strong, but not elegant.

I know this because I was a skinny baller as a kid. Now, I understand the application of this principle in business. If you have good footwork at the start of a negotiating effort you will have saved steps and energy by the time the exercise ends. You can make decisions better (the footwork of negotiation) because you don’t spend yourself in the missteps earlier in the dance.

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