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Holy Cow, how Silly does it have to get?


It is stunning to me the level of bare-ass idiocy exercised by the Trump Card (and his folks, to be fair). Not that he could do it, but that he (they) would do it. And, it continues to take steps down paths that it should have avoided. Excluding Transgender people from services in the armed forces, when “they” are already there (forgive the pronoun in reference to diverse people grouped together by a label, but which are each individuals).

How about the diversion that there is a Russian team that was also working to discredit Trump. Isn’t every sophisticated player in politics aware that you play both sides, cause you never know. Who cares? Or So what! Is the response to that “argument”.

Trump made, maybe 10-25%, of the populace happy with the silly move, because they, at true heart, believe this is against their particular religion, mostly Christian. However, anyone that is practical on his side of the fence (wall for now) knows that this is silly at best. Combining such a silly step with the other silly steps lead to the conclusion that eventually more and more people will see that the Emperor walks paths that appeal to one certain segment of the voting populace. To get elected, everyone on Trump’s side had a pet subject upon which he won them over. He would say anything then and a lot of people were whispering in his ear. He laughed and gave each one the story they wanted to hear. He knew that once elected, he could do what he want. That is because he only ever answered to Directors, many of whom were somehow beholden to him. He has no experience in the Dance in which he is now immersed.

He believes that he can name the tune of any Dance he is in. He has been largely successful in business getting the other sides to dance to the music he named. Some out danced him, but many were worn down by their unfamiliarity with the tune. They paid a tuition for the education they got from contracting with him the first time. Every commercial litigation lawyer has seen the Trump Card type party representative. Once seen, though, you can avoid them getting to the orchestra, he only controls the music once on anyone as the tune he plays is easy to change in the contracting stage, because you don’t do the work without contract terms that do the opposite of enabling his behavior. He only knows one tune.

A President, if he is good, can influence the tune being played, but only if he finds the Rhythm. The Card’s silliness will eventually show his true position, or lack of position, on the myriad limited issues that attract a pocket of voters of maybe 2-15%, each, of the voting populace. As a group sees that their desire is not met (because there was a competing desire The Card had not accounted for). He has pissed on the backs of many people and told them it was merely raining. Eventually the input of the ears is superseded by the input of the nose.

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