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The Finger


Trump, Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon have effectively given America the Finger on behalf of a subset of Euro Americans who see themselves as white put upons.

NeighborDave is old. When he was growing up the finger meant more, apparently, than it does now a days. Then it meant a throw-down or a race as the giver fled the target.

Conscientious Americans must throw-down. Of course, if the threesome and their ilk flee, then it will be just like my childhood.

Truth wins, eventually. It took a second world war to enforce the truth of the bad behavior exhibited by this type of assault in a developed country. It happens in lessor developed countries from time to time, but in America it needs to be recognized and stopped now.

America has always been different and it is time again to show that to the world. Don’t brush off the Finger that has been directed at you America.

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