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Will the Acknowledgement come?


I had “When” in front of the title of this thought, but I had to take it off, simply because at this time, I cannot go over 50% chance that enough people recognize that Trump is as dangerous to the US and the world such that he must be muzzled, legally. I see the bus we are all in headed for the obvious cliff that is ahead of us, and realize that there is a parade necessarily following our bus. I go up to the driver, but he waives me off, maybe with an F bomb. I go to the back of the bus and have my hand on the emergency door handle, hoping to bail at the final moment. I don’t see many others that are seeing things like me. How do you turn the herd when it is stampeding.

It is better to divert the herd, but in this current situation do we have any hope that we can get a certain percentage of the herd to realize that whatever interest they have in any ultimate goal that Trump may espouse, they cannot absorb, on many levels, the philosophy he is allowing to be “his” at this time. It is so black and white to me, when does it become black and white to everyone. Pardon the pun?

Bannon is a diverter of the herd, and there have been others in such roles, but not one that is so directly connected with a racist espousal of philosophy. That is a given, but he would divert. That may be why direct stop by some of those in the herd might stop, upon not accepting the diversion, effectively saying, “Don’t piss on my back and tell me it’s raining.”

Hence my 50% hurdle on when. I sure hope it happens in time. He will not survive his term, it is so obvious to me. I have seen his type all over the world. He is such an easy read. In business they only survive if they have the ultimate leverage in the situation. Trump, in business, could always find a financial leverage. Either he owed you way too much for you to look short term, such that you would eat something currently in order for a chance to make it up over time, or you were too small to survive the fight such that you might accept 25% in lieu of the fight. In Trump’s world of leverage he would give the long term away consistently, paying the old debt that was now secured, ahead of current debts newly engaged in. The lenders will always be there, I guess, up to some certain point. I would not be surprised to learn of very interesting international banking debts of Trump.

He presumed that he became an emperor, not a mere president. He will have to be shown the distinction. What leverage the US has in any situation is such that it is more effective when exercised with restraint. The US is not in the mode of merely flopping its “case” out on the table and figuring that was the end of the discussion. That is exactly the style that Trump knows, and perhaps the only one he can practice. In the world of real negotiation, flopping gets everyone on the flopping side excited, but once the “case” lays out there for a while, it doesn’t have the same magic as that of sudden appearance of the “case”. The rest of the world is in no hurry, as they have centuries of experience with this kind of behavior. They  have never seen it from the US, but they have a record of it in their history. They smile and wait, as do I.

The resigning CEOs all acknowledge the conclusion that he just ain’t right on this. Just ain’t, but he does not see it. I almost said will not see it, but does not is better. Might he ever?

The four or five heads of divisions of the Armed Forces all see it, which should allow all of us to relax. Here’s the thing, they got the fist signal on the Transgender debacle such that they were on guard for an opportunity to make a clear statement that they will preclude his exercise of force in support of any patently unconstitutional goals would fall on deaf ears, forcing a showdown. That is how far ahead they are playing the game of Trump, because they recognized it in time.

Congress must be next, in overwhelming  numbers in agreement that is unwavering, consistent and conscientious. Some of the American people get it, but I don’t think they get the severity enough yet, at least not universally. As hard as it is for me to believe, they have other things to think about such that they set this aside. They will be the last of the herd to turn. The sure end point would be the Supreme Court, in deciding a conflict of authority. Will Trump make that happen by never recognizing that his position cannot be maintained under scrutiny? Well, if that has to happen, what else takes place in the mean time? I can’t do anything except point it out. Everything else must stop until he is shown his folly and accepts it. Truly, that is the only short cut.

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