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The Confederate Culture


Whatever “The Confederacy” (and its “Culture”) was, it now stands for everything that kept black people from competing in the game of life in America at the same level as those (mostly “white”) people who were already in the game. That is the reality of its origin and what it represents. Even if there are some diehards who insist that it has some “noble” culture associated with it, any such attachment pales in comparison to what it is understood to stand for. Anyone willing to admit that? If not, then you will always be on the wrong path to addressing the situation, for you are ignoring reality.

That reality is the paradigm that has resulted from all of the strides we have in fact made in the effort to integrate our country. Little did we know that it would lead where it has and the steps that have been taken. The bottom line is more white people have a greater awareness of the disparity in paradigms that are EXPERIENCED by black people as compared to the paradigm experienced by white folks. Most people can only learn from their own experience, but books, movies and, now, social media, have permitted more and more people to at least recognize the existence of a paradigm different than the one in which they find themselves. (Country mice and city mice are more aware of the paradigm of their cousin.)

Here’s the thing, it takes different lengths of time and levels of exposure to new information for an individual to begin to see a paradigm different than the one they emerge into (then modify while living in it). Certain people are, apparently, unable to modify their paradigm by just letting it modify as the result of taking in new data. Those people must be allowed to accept the new data (by having it illustrated to them in some way aligning with their learning methodology). The new data conflicts, usually diametrically, with the data upon which their paradigm runs.

(For Illustration only) That is the reason that there will, apparently, always be people that deny that humans have, are and will continue to change the environmental balance of the globe. They need to be taught to accept the conclusion, but they hang on to the data upon which they were raised (apparently that we could begin to add, exponentially, to the exhaust arising from the burning of fuels by mechanizing the manufacturing process in order to produce more goods. They think that mere capitalism, with rules arising only from the perspective of increasing outcome, will sort it all out. That would work only when the goal of saving the planet made monetary sense to everyone, and right now many infuencers are making money from the continued practice such that they will “teach” the opposite, reinforcing the useless concept driving those that don’t get it. A minority, but…

The same type of minority exist with respect to keeping black people from dancing in the dance that is America. The minority has been told that their place in the world has been usurped by blacks. Apparently, they have also been sold the concept that the Jews play all the music for the dance. Think about it. 200 years ago, when hardly anyone read books, newspapers, etc. that story was the one that was “whispered” in their ears by those that profited from the situation, especially in the rural south, which seemed like farm land put was already the industry of taking from the land, using cheap and disposable labor. That is the culture that is not to be lost at any cost? The fact that it was all reinforced by religion just puts another barrier to changing the paradigm.

Maybe that paradigm, and those individuals immersed in it, can never be changed. Clearly, it ebbs and flows. It is flowing now as the result of the sales job by Bannon’s perspective in the last election. Now he is back to selling the story, and he will always have an audience.

Set them aside, as they are a misdirection since there is a majority that works in a new paradigm.

The rest of society has begun to assimilate the data. They have come to learn about people that are different than are they. First was radio, then TV, but the explosion of the internet is accelerating the paradigm shift of many more people. They understand themselves that black people are still looked at and treated a different way such that they are not given the same chance to find the rhythm, or to dance on the floor once they do find the rhythm. I have to give a nod to LeBron James for getting this concept and standing as tall as anyone in his profession has. He is up there with Clemente, Ali, Russell and Brown. Through his lead, more people will shift their paradigm.

For whatever reason, rationale or otherwise, defendable or not, “The Confederacy” and the “Culture” associated with it now represents the model that was broken and cannot be supported. It must be cast into that place in history for similar cultures. Like the one that said only land owners get to vote, the one that said only men get to vote. Those cultures still exist some: The land owning gentry get to affect the rhythm that is permissible more than the workers, and women still don’t get accepted without strings attached, but for the most part, the culture is extinct in the paradigms of everyday Americans. (It’s not coincidence that our president behaves so slovenly toward women, since that is a culture in which he was raised.)

So, there it is. Quit talking about what the Confederacy as anything more than it was, because it has become what it has become – the representation of purposefully excluding and defiling people of some ilk. It must be given up such that those that have that paradigm learn that it is a paradigm that just doesn’t work in the “tribe” that we Americans are. That is the truth – They are Wrong, namely, Blacks, Jews and other people they would throw in the pool, are NOT the reason they can’t have it all.

Our Tribe is much different than any nation has known, because of how we came into existence and the Constitution (perhaps the greatest man made thing ever). That difference takes getting used to, those that would promote the culture of the confederacy must recognize that it was rejected because the US is not based upon a single culture. It was an amalgamation of diverse cultures, even within the landed gentry there was diversity that made us unique in history. The creators of America wanted to preserve “each” culture they liked, so they agreed that no one culture would dominate. If focused on religion for them, and they may well not have understood the paths they were starting at the time, but our American Tribe is different than any other entity ever created before. (Look at the divergence between the people that influenced the different colonies and how much they were different than each other, if you haven’t.)

The bottom line I set out has emerged from Charlottesville. Many people see it. LeBron sees it and this may help him and others articulate it. I hope so.

I hope someone takes this thought to the public. Fingers crossed that more paradigms can be shifted by understanding.

Bottom Line: The Confederate Culture has NO PLACE IN AMERICA!   This statement is not intended to be mean, but it is true.

Everyone rejects the Nazi aspect, but it is really the attachment to the confederate culture that must be acknowledged and brought to the center. No other mortal enemy of the United States of America would be given any other status, and that is what they are, and why they lost: Truth always carries the day!

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