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Little Boy Trump


The Trump Card says that his rant about players not standing during the National Anthem has nothing to do with Race. Who believes that? Does he? His followers, especially in Alabama where he delivered the rant, know that it is all about Race.

Race was the origin of the kneeling by Kaepernick. He made that move to call attention to what he saw as disparate treatment of black people by police. Anyone that argues that there is no disparate treatment, or that not every policeman treats black people differently, misses the point. To the extent that there is ANY disparate treatment it is significant, especially if you are black. I lived through Cassius Clay becoming Muhammad Ali and all that he did with the draft situation, including the impact on his career. Most of the world accepted Ali as a hero by the time of his death, but the paradigm of the racists was dead against him during his time.

Now, if you are Euro American you may wonder what the big deal is. That is because your paradigm is created from a different set of paths. You have never been singled out because of your Race. It is funny, though, that the Race distinction has evolved. At one time, Irish and Italians, who were also were largely Roman Catholic, were discriminated against in the same way. (There are a number of instances in which such people were collectively attacked by the majority “other” Euro Americans who happened to be Protestant.) Ask any Jewish friend you have what it is like to be shunned or objectified merely because of your heritage. If you are Euro American you may be surprised to hear their story in response.

Did you know that at one time, after a most significant flood on the Mississippi, in the second half of the 19th century, New Orleans actually solicited Italians to replace the black work force? But they soon had second thoughts about the move, as the Italians would not toe the line as anticipated.

Trump’s rant was all about Race. He knows it and his followers in Alabama know it and they wink at it. (No NFL team in that state, and a long history of Racism ingrained there.) Ha, now he comes out and promotes NASCAR. How much more racial can he get? He wants to be sure that the 25% or so of voters who are his tried and true supporters who are (perhaps closet) Racist, will stay in the fold. Those folks will not miss the subtleties that make them smile, but they miss the more indirect subtlety that this is nothing more than pandering. If you are pandered to you eat it up unless you are naturally critical.

I used the title for this piece because The Trump Card behaves like a little boy. As a child, the only reason why one would play with him is if you either needed the numbers for the game, or he owned the only bat in the neighborhood.  Yep, he is that guy, the guy who couldn’t play for shit, but who had equipment you needed, or at least wanted. In my neighborhood, we would have pushed him in the creek and let him wonder home to cry to mom. Yep, I said it.

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