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The Nunes Memo “Bits and Bytes”


I purposely float between four different “news” programs playing from time to time during the day, usually on in the background while I do things. Right now I am ranting internally as I listen to discussion regarding the Nunes Memo. Yes, that must be the name from now on, clearly.

Anyway, so many things. First, the news programs, when I was growing up, seemed to be less focused on the add revenues that paid their wages. (I would bet the purveyors of the news were paid much less, relative to revenues received, than the current mechanism.) Anyway, they all acknowledge a bent in their pick of what they focus on and with whom, and how, they discuss various “breaking news” as they all opine.

The people that discuss the impact of the Nunes Memo discuss it with reference to the intelligence collection system and the Constitution with a predigested understanding of the “inside” of the subject. However, and that is a BIG however, the general public has no such awareness or are they ever going to acquire anything close to that level of awareness – on either side. Sure, on both sides there are some folks who will dig in and look at stuff that is available. In todays world, you can find lots of reference points. However, the reference points need not all be reliable now. Clearly, the one lesson everyone with even a bit of intelligence as applied to connecting dots, is that anyone, including Russians, can publish a “piece” on the internet that appears to be an authority upon which one might be entitled to rely.

For the most part, as recent as 100 years ago, if you were being told an outright lie, or even a small lie, the lie was coming to you face to face. Now, you might be in a crowd, being sold some magic elixir or a political line, but you were at least face to face. The only other alternative was a newspaper, and the relatively new radio. TV was coming, adding a face that was trained, to the radio voice that was trained. Now there is the internet upon which artful manipulators can photo shop, and voice shop, whatever they want. Sure, if someone with skill digs into the “bits and bytes” (my phrase for it only), they can tell if it is made up, but the time lag between publishing and such a discovery cannot be erased, just as a statement in front of a jury hangs around with them despite the granting of an Objection immediately after its utterance.

What happens today with the voting public cannot be greatly impacted by a dissection of a situation without the aid of competent cross examination, as both sides can always find a mere conclusion falling within their paradigm and accepted as a coping mechanism to cognitive dissidence. Cross examination is what makes or breaks most court cases. Why, because it is an interchange the shows the truth, if not in the words, in the body language. The Jury gets to read the witness, and the attorney(s) and the Judge, and truth usually emerges to many of the Jurors. The hope is that they the truth can be pointed out to those that missed it, when they all get in the room such that their cognitive dissidence can be resolved definitively (See, 12 Angry Men, which did not focus on this, but I bet shows it.)

Anyway, all the news channels seem to cross examine someone with a position, but they never really get them to go to the end of the path. A partial cross exam is nothing, as the witness merely cuts through the woods back to their path after the discussion ends, usually with a talking points run that is followed by a thank you for the time. The follow up to the talking points statement is never, “Don’t give me that shit, let’s go back to this…..”

Here is the issue: What can be put in front of the common man that can give them the truth, but from an angle that is not limited to that being “vertically” discussed, face to face, by those who are controlling the situation (for their own personal goals, such as re-election)?

NeighborDave could find the answer, but only face to face for the reads necessary.

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