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All Hope Rests on John Kelly


Let’s face it, regardless of ideology, a very reckless situation is on the table with the Russian matter. The current release of a memo, drafted by people who read FBI reports, then wrote a memo promoting their view of HOW the reports COULD be read to support a position that they liked, is well outside the realm of any verification of the truth of the matter at issue. If subject to cross examination the truth could come out, but by the time this ends up in any court, it will be too late as the means by which the FBI investigated the charges that were originally raised, will likely be released, as that is the fear that everyone with any sense has. The Russians are laughing at this, and the rest of the world is just shaking their heads. (It may be that ISIS is smiling about it.)

John Kelly is the sole person of influence who can whisper in the ear of Trump, or even take him in a room and scream at him, that he cannot participate in this because it is dangerous to our country.

This move is designed to save the Trump administration from being embarrassed by what took place with regard to the Russian situation. Kelly was not part of that, I think, and with his history of service we have to hope that his understanding of the risk associated with the release of the memo will drive him to stand firm. Hopefully, Trump will listen to him (and not to people like Stephen Miller).

This is a big as it gets.

By the way, look at Nunes’ CV. He is a purely political person, except for his start as a “farmer”.

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