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The Bully Driving the Bus


With a nod to a guy who grew up in a neighborhood a little more than a mile from where I sit as I write, because I believe that he might get this. To you, Hunter.

Donald Trump was never the biggest guy in his neighborhood, so he is not suited to making the decisions that “run” the biggest national influence in the history of this globe. What, you say? Just stay with me as I walk you down this path of awareness.

The biggest guy in the neighborhood, as a kid, (if he has skills) can never exercise all of his skills or he will be deemed a bully. The big kid gets this message early and it is why many of them behave in a timid manner as they go through life. Perhaps they never behaved otherwise, or perhaps they had let it all out as a kid and been chastised either by the other kids, or adults, for taking advantage of their size. And yes, this can all be particularly true for girls as well as boys. In fact, for girls the repercussions used to be more severe. Maybe he is counseled by someone who has been there before. In any event, the big kid, especially if he is smart and fast, realizes that he cannot let it all loose. By so reserving himself, he/she sees the edge of leadership as a result, because the decision he/she makes impacts not just him/her, but the whole group. The big guy/girl learns to settle for what they need, and not worry about attaining mere “wants”. The big guy can take care of little guys, but he can’t put himself first.

Like I state above, DT never learned what it was like to be the big guy. He never got the big guy paradigm. For him, fighting for all his wants was all he knew, simply because he was always fighting even for his needs, at least as unfolded as kids, and kids all learn then from what takes place. When you are not highly skilled physically, at least when growing up, you could get by in some instances, but you were measured none the less and categorized accordingly. If you were really smart, then you could avoid the worst of the lesser status given you because you don’t have size and or speed, but you still have that status in your own mind, at the least. You knew you might play second base, but you were never going to play the outfield, short stop or pitch. You knew your place on the court was on the wing waiting for a pass, and you were a guard on the line in football, always fighting for more. The big guy could take more any time he wanted, but he didn’t.

That is what the US has done since World War II. We accepted our role as the big guy after we were forced into the war that many (See Henry Ford for example) wanted us to avoid. Many in America thought Germany was not that bad, just as many supporting Trump think that the US exercising nationalistic tendencies is not that bad.

I was in Israel about a decade ago, negotiating a contract of some significance, and once we reached a point at which the Israelis I was dealing with accepted that I was honest, they placed trust in me. After the trust developed, over several months, one of them asked me why doesn’t the US just kick North Korea’s ass. I told him that Israel, a small country surrounded by potential enemies, had to have an aggressive attitude to keep another country from making a bad step. However, the US was the biggest and “baddest” nation, we could not pick on little guys. We had to wait for them to do something overtly wrong, even if it meant injury to some, before we could exercise our power. He seemed to understand the paradigm I described and smiled in acknowledgement.

It is time for the people on the bus to tell the bus driver that he is headed for a cliff. Never in history has there been such a level of communication available by which the general public can be advised of the situation. Heck, when the Greeks and Romans were rising, then falling, hardly anyone could read and there was no printing press. During the Chinese Dynasties I have no idea what the literacy level might have been, or the level of unbiased publication that could have taken place, but I guess that illiteracy and lack of access kept the masses uninformed. Same thing is likely true through the Ottoman Empire. The Germans and Italians had radio as an influence, but they may well have controlled it all in the ‘30s. Certainly, Idi Amin, controlled communication in his land just as is controlled in North Korea right now.

In the US, we can stay informed while riding on the bus and we need to either get the bus turned, or make sure it cannot be fueled at some point, with us, perhaps, jumping and rolling out of the emergency door at the back of the bus. Trump is a bully and he is being at least encouraged by other bullies to keep it up. Heck, they would all (Russia, China, Turkey) like the US to step down and join them in the bully gutter. Europe has seen this all many times before and they have their fingers crossed. They hope that we learn from England’s past and accept that we cannot control the world by being a bully. (See, Freedom at Midnight regarding the “release” of India and Pakistan from their direct control.)

Here’s the thing, many of Trump’s biggest fans/supporter/groupies grew up as the little people in the neighborhood. Look at Steven Miller and Sessions, clearly both were put upon as kids and reflect that mind set now. The US government is set up to avoid the behavior they are promoting, and it will eventually take care of them. However, the damage that can occur in the meantime, especially if those that support Trump are the kind that don’t make decisions based upon reasonable consideration of facts. Those people will never jump off the bus. We have to hope that the thinking parts of society are greater than the feeling parts of society. Recognizing the enhanced obligation of the US to the rhythm of the world such that we have to ignore wants in order to preserve our needs is key. At some point, the bully cannot be allowed to prevail in the world: Something will stop him.

Here is a last point for consideration, based upon real life circumstances in sport, which has become the best teacher across socioeconomic lines of our society.

Lebron James was the biggest and baddest dude in his neighborhood. He was also raised by a single mom and had a different skin color than the people that held the reins to most of the obvious power in his neighborhood. He learned on an intuitive level, if not expressly taught so by others in his neighborhood, that he could not insist on having his way all the time or he would alienate others. He never made the mistakes that some others have made, and  he has a group of others from his neighborhood who “get” the rhythm of those in control of our society and he and they can work within that rhythm.

As illustrated by the progress of his game, he was reluctant to let all of his talents loose until he had played a couple of years in the league. He learned that it was OK to let it all out when both Bosh and Wade were hurt in the first series that Miami had with Indiana in the playoffs. Miami was down a game, either 3-2 or 2-1 and playing in Indiana. LeBron let it all out and it was noticeable that he had changed. From that point forward, he began to flex his muscles at will and he is as dominant as anyone has been on the court as a result. He had the chip of the big guy released, but he still has reserves holding him, except when he punched the wall after the game one situation this year. He will learn from that incident, having paid the tuition of a broken hand for the education.

That I bring up LeBron was not accidental. He calls out Trump, not because he feels he must, but because he reacts honestly to what he sees in the man. He could have to make a choice not to call out Trump, but he has too much character and conscientious support to avoid what he is called to do. I celebrate LeBron continuing his open pointing out of the character flaws of Trump. Sports has become the teacher of society and everyone that can learn about the character of the honest big man needs to see how our country needs to be run. Many on the bus will never change their position (Cognitive Dissonance in action), but some of them can learn from circumstance and the righteous people in the country need to reach those people. (The recent turn by the “religious right” supporters once the impact of splitting families at the border shows how some can leap off the bus at a stop.)

The Constitution allows for control by the elected members Senate and House and they need their voters to tell them not to lay down for a bully, because we are not a bully country. (Otherwise, get ready for the war of dictators.) Trump will deliver us to the gutter of bullies if not stopped, and those around him are not only drinking the cool aide, but they keep stirring the mix.

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