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Trump is the Video Game President


I am old, so bear with me.

When I grew up, the kids hung out in the neighborhood while dad was at work and mom was taking care of your siblings and/or the house. Yes, it was pretty cliché, but that is what I experienced. I grew up in a rhythm that was not out of sync with the rich white folks that controlled how America was run, but not in the rich white folks’ neighborhood. Oh, I visited there, but I did not live there, but that is an aside.

In the neighborhood there was no adult involvement in what was taking place. The age of the kids involved on a daily basis varied by as much as 5 years. Mostly, in those days, we segregated ourselves by gender, not because of any conscious thought, but we just gravitated to it. I played sports with some kids that were younger than me, but mostly I played with older kids. I did not think about it at the time, but upon reflection, I was more adept than others in the neighborhood who were older and, on the playground, it was a complete meritocracy. No coaches dictated, and we didn’t suffer for balls, bats, etc. such that we avoided giving one of the kids a position for which he was not best suited. The kids shorted everything out and only skills mattered, not money or position in society.

When I was a kid I learned to shoot. First I shot BB guns and bow and arrow. Why? Because there were no adults around to monitor us and those devices were readily available. I killed a chipmunk when I was about 8. It took many shots with a bb gun and it was terrible for the victim, but I knew what it meant to kill something. It was the last time I ever killed something that I didn’t eat, and I learned the lesson that accompanies killing. I hunted later in life and killed, gutted and skinned lots of animals that I ended up eating. Eventually, I shot 22 rifle competitively, then I shot clay pigeons competitively and I shot high caliber rifles at targets, and objects, 100 yards and further away. Eventually I ended up shooting hand guns at distances of up to 100 feet. I took shooting for granted, but I have come to realize that not everyone could do that. More importantly, I learned that not everyone could deal with killing something. I learned that when I took guys hunting in their 20s and witnessed their reaction to the killing of a rabbit.

Here’s the point of this writing: Kids are enamored with “First Player” games in which they shoot to kill other actors. Maybe the dead are disguised as Zombies or some other entity, but make no mistake, even laser “tag” and paint ball event are a shoot to kill endeavor. There is no emotional price to killing when it is done on a screen, with a laser or paint. Perhaps this translates to more people being shot with real guns for what appears to be lesser reasons now a day, but that is another aside. Bottom line: video games are FAKE when it comes to shooting and killing. Sure, kids and adults are immersed in them, but it any REAL impacts are at least partially disguised and unreal.

Trump is doing the presidency in the same vein. His body language is a dead giveaway. His behavior in conjunction with Putin was so obvious that even hard core Republicans were sickened by what they saw. They did not need to consciously process what they saw because everyone reads body language on some level of intuitive reaction. Trump can dismiss lots of things in his mind because he was the kid in the neighborhood who was put at second base in whiffle ball and baseball, and last in the bating order. He would be set out of the way so he didn’t get in the way. His go to defense is to dismiss the impression he leaves on others. His “kills” are all imaginary, but the kills of Putin and Jong-un are real and his body language shows that he cannot swim in the deep end of the pool in which they float.

His money is really a house of cards and the banks that he owes have transferred his debts, likely to the Russians if not Putin and the “Oligarchs” directly. (By the way, if you have heard that word and not researched who and what they are, and how they came into being, you should. Trump would love to be an Oligarch.) He plays a video game with money in the same way as he plays diplomatic games, but they tie together in reality because of who holds security on his debts.

He is playing a game, but reality will set in just like it does for everyone once there is a power outage. When the screen goes blank, he will be seen sitting there with his armed crossed, slouching in his chair.

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