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C’mon OHIO


C’mon OHIO

The players and fans all take great care to tell us all that OSU is “THE” Ohio State University. (By the way, they stole that concept from The University of Virginia, who has used it for decades. In the same vein, the script OHIO on the field was given to them by the University of Michigan band, as they performed it as a salute to OSU in the Big House in the 1930s.)

Given the fact that OSU is a significant representation of Ohio to the rest of the country, it is time for the citizens to honor the responsibility that the University has to visibly stand contrary to lying. Urban Myers LIED during the Big !0 press conference, but the Board used language to indicate that it wasn’t meant to be a lie. Then, Myers completely ignored the victim of the behavior of his assistant coach that gave rise to this situation, never acknowledging the victim at all. His body language in this presser, after finding out he was suspended for 3 games, was just like the body language of Trump in Helsinki – unmistakable in giving away that there was no truth in what was being said. That was an embarrassment and if you are a fan of OSU you must stand up, or accept that you will accept bad character in exchange for football success.

Take a look at the University of Louisville. How many times did they turn a blind eye to the bad behavior of Rick Pitino before they finally brought the hammer down. They took a chance then that they might have to pay Pitino some money, but they drew a line in the sand. Now, they didn’t do that with the issues of prostitution at the dorm named for his brother in law who was a victim in the World Trade Center plane crashing, just like they didn’t with the extramarital affair he had. Oops, though, once the FBI came out with the Adidas money, that was too much. Where will OSU end up.

Now, on to the whole state of Ohio. Trump keeps visiting you and riling up voters against perceived bad behavior of others, ignoring his own bad behavior, and promoting the fact that he is doing stuff for the state. If you look more objectively, though, all the things that he says he has done to benefit the financial picture you face are not real. It is only talk. Sure, rich people and company owners are much better off under his tax law, the common man gets peanuts. It is a classic ruse and I don’t understand how “regular” people fall for it. When I lay it next to the OSU Football situation, though, it all makes sense. Trump suggests that the US is now recognized as “Number 1”. First, that is not true outside the US. What we are becoming is the king that stays in his chamber, thinking highly of himself, but ignoring all that may be said about him out side that particular room. However, even if it were true, this question remains: Are you OK being No. 1 based upon behavior that would embarrass you if you did it yourself?

Well, OHIO, would you?

I recognize that many would, but every individual must make choices constantly about which path they will walk in life, and it is my hope that awareness of the path has some ability to cause people to think about returning to the last Y at which their choice might have been prejudiced by bad character.

NeighborDave does not choose to think this way, he would have to choose otherwise in order to avoid this discussion that runs through his head.

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