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Star Spangled


As I watched TV today and heard that more than half who were asked a poll question agree with Trump’s take on the National Anthem/NFL situation. I was stunned, at first, but then thought: How can I convey to those folks who put the pageantry taking place in the playing of the national anthem ahead of the true foundation of our country – free speech, especially by passive behavior? Let’s amble down the path.

Here’s the deal. No music came into play in the creation of the Constitution. Also, the Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation, which failed to work and provided an 5 year reflection on what didn’t work and what might work. The Star Spangled Banner celebrates a flag flying during a battle of the war of 1812 against the British. The SSB was written by a lawyer and I am sure if he were alive he would celebrate that his poem provides a scene for a protest that gets vision by a big part of the country.

The flag was not the purpose of the battle. A KING was being rejected, again. In so doing, the people who crafted the government via the Constitution created a new way of behaving relative to the entire world. Key to that was central government, but right behind that was the enumeration and protection for certain personal liberties. Liberties that up until then could be eliminated at the waive of the hand of the king, or even a person who “owned” a fiefdom at the pleasure of the king.

The complaint of those kneeling, doing the “Smith Carlos” salute (my name for it), holding hands or staying in the locker room are making the statement that the treatment of black and brown people by the police is not applied any where close to “equal” to the treatment of Euro Americans. Here’s the thing, 150 years ago, or so, Italians and Irishmen (who happened to be Catholic) were put upon to the extent of physical harm as well. Unfortunately, Jews have been put upon in so many locales that the citing would go on and on. The protesting of the behavior of the government, especially passive protesting is, perhaps, the NUMBER ONE personal freedom that could be conceived under the circumstances of shifting away from a king like government to a representative central government. That is why it is in the 1st Amendment.

So, those of you who presently support the Trump view that protesting disrespects the military, please be advised that just the opposite is true. They are not attacking the country. They are not attacking the flag. They do not want the Pageant to end. They merely want people to understand that when a black or brown person leaves his/her house in the morning, it can generate the feeling that you are walking down the street naked. That is how different it is for black and brown people in comparison to Euro American people. If you are a Euro American person, try to understand that. Please appreciate that it can be just terrifying to hear a siren, or a voice commanding you to do something. For Euro Americans, you face that less, IF AT ALL, and you are aware that you will be able to discuss the matter with the person of authority. If you are Brown/Black you can’t help but doubt that even if you comply, you will not be hurt or killed.

Think about that the next time a guy merely takes a knee and bows his head. If you would, maybe see the move as a celebration of all who have sacrificed, and who currently sacrifice, for the right to so do. NOWHERE else in the world would such freedom of behavior exist to the extent it exists here!

Sorry, but this old Euro American just couldn’t hold it in.

  1. Mitzy Hazlett Donhoff permalink

    Take a knee but then get up and go do something to improve the situation. Community relations with local police set up after school activities anything that would bring police and the people they are protecting closer . Too many fatherless children with no guidance and too much time on their hands to get involved in gangs etc. I would like to see a Longer school day bring back home economics shop class music art and physical education or study hall if the student is struggling. If the family needs money find jobs at the school to supplement family student income. My husband was a janitor a a local high school to help pay tuition for his education. It gave him a lesson in responsibility and accountability and so many more life lessons
    Protest your guts out but then go do something constructive to help solve the problem your protesting. Peace out ✌️

  2. The problem they are protesting is that the Police see them different than Euro Americans and treat them different as a result. Merely calling that to attention gets them the ire of some.
    Here is a take for explanation:
    The rhythm that Euro Americans find easy to dance to is not as smooth for them, as the police disrupt the rhythm upon what appears to be a whim on the part of the police. While that rhythm is largely not interrupted for Euro Americans, it can be interrupted at any moment for Black and Brown folks because bad behavior of people in authority can be foisted upon them, at any moment. The first step to solving the problem is outing the problem to the point it is understood by people who are not subjected to the disparate treatment they experience.
    By the way, do you recall that I was a janitor at a building on Joy Rd., East of the Southfield expressway – in 1971 – and I worked at night?

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