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Stephen Miller


I may be nuts, or I am a genius, you decide. Most people go with nuts because the genius conclusion scares them.

I watched as much of Kavanaugh’s “testimony” before the Senate Committee as I could stand. What I saw was a dead give away that this guy does not have the personal character to be a Supreme Court Justice. I imagine that the current Justices are rolling their eyes at the prospect, secretly hoping that he never gets there. I mean, his body and face language was a dead give away that he is shallow in his thinking, despite the conviction he seems to have shown in his past rulings, etc.

Remember, he does all his work with the pen (computer) and none of what he has done has been face to face with any adversary. He worked the back room – always. I would bet he never tried a case, simply because his presence is a nullity. The Supremes, though, must face those arguing before them, so presence face to face is important. Also, even though they have research and a scrip about what they want to discuss, there are always some surprises in the exchange and a good Justice must address that. A great Justice addresses it impressively. (This is why Clarence Thomas is somewhat like a stoic puppet on the bench.)

Kavanaugh had a script and he followed it. That technique gives a lot of warm feeling for all of those who helped prepare the script, but it does not usually win the day. To win the day, one must read the audience and know when to ad lib from the script. Now, law school teaches one not to ad lib, but every good trial lawyer knows that such is the key – because of the unexpected that always occurs. Oh, by the way, most lawyers are not trial lawyers, just like most docs don’t do surgery.

So why is Mr. Miller’s name at the title here?

That is the only source I can pinpoint who might have arranged the attack that Kavanaugh released. It made Trump happy because Miller has Trump dancing to the same rhythm in what he does. Know this, Miller devised all of the stuff at the border, including the purposeful and with intent to teach a lesson plan of separating children from parents. Let that sink in – Miller planned in advance that “if we take their kids away from them, word will get back to others who might try to enter and they will learn not to risk a trade their family togetherness for the mere possibility of entering the greatest country for a family to grow and prosper”.

Remember all those days when Kavanaugh was hanging out at the Whitehouse? Recall that Trump was disappointed that aggression on the part of the Senate was not heavy enough. Well, Miller showed Kavanaugh how to make Trump happy such that he didn’t pull the nomination after the hearing. Kavanagh made the simple calculation that he had no choice, probably whispered in his ear by Miller and others, and on down the path he went. Heck, Kavanaugh is not a genius even though he was at the “top of his class”, He is merely a good regurgitator of information conveyed to him by teachers/professors. If you give back to a teacher all the stuff they laid out for you they recognize it and, boom, you get an A. The “tool” who can write a note about everything that the teacher puts out, then memorize it in off time while other kids are doing something fun, will get the As available.

Here’s the thing, once that person gets the A all recorded, finishes the Final for the class, etc., then they have nothing immediate to do. That is when they drink beer and get wasted.

Kavanaugh is not unusual in such regard. At any highly respected university there are three main types of students who end up there:

  • The hard worker who gets the A and who also takes the practice tests for ACT or the SAT such that they can memorize the answers for those questions that appear year after year, albeit in slightly different form. They get a test score that is acceptable, but which does not reflect anything but memorization, not real discernment of the question.
  • The genius kid who gets so-so grades but whose test score is in the 99%
  • The genius kid who also works hard at getting grades.

Kavanaugh is the first bullet point which is why he would be glad to turn to a teacher, Miller, in preparing for the Hearing in which he would participate. Here’s the thing, Miller could not handle the hearing himself and has no real feel for any face to face give and take by which each person will evaluate the other on some level. Miller has always been in the background and doesn’t get it. Please, we don’t want another tool on the Supreme Court (or do “they”).

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