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Bus Driver Trump


Trump envisioned that he would be in the Hitler role, leading a Nationalistic based heavy hand in the US. However, Putin is just laughing at him, as he has had Trump playing the Mussolini role from the get go, as evidenced by Putin’s new aggression with Ukraine. Trump is way out of the rhythm of the dance with which Putin is not only familiar, but for which Putin has developed the tune to be danced.

Trump, being a “near” elite in the US can understand that a dance is occurring, but it is on a floor, in a location, to which he has never been admitted before. Even fewer people dance on that floor than dance on the country club floor. Trump can do the country club floor dance, but he is being completely played with on the “Oligarch” floor, a term that was created as the result of economic behavior after the “fall” of the USSR, but which really reflects what the Russians had seen occur in Europe over centuries and which had been largely “erased” upon the fall of the Czars. (I am just making this all up, so don’t ask me to defend any facts give or go that might control my thinking. This is merely me throwing up on the page. This stuff jumps out at me and I realize that others would never see it without me first mentioning it. I don’t expect acceptance of what I say. The best I can hope for is currently apathy with later verification or rebuke.)

So, that is where Trump is: the bus driver of the bus upon which the USA finds itself. This is my whisper in the ear of the driver, and I hope someone beside Mueller sees it and begins to understand the level of danger associated with the fact that Trump never earned a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License). (That’s an analogy.)

Trump would tell you, if you asked, that he can drive any vehicle, relying upon his instinctive behavior. Ha, his instinctive behavior is not instinctive. What his behavior represents is the iron fisted wielding of leverage. This is learned behavior that he now puts in an instinctive box, but if you do the same move over and over, you are not relying upon instinct – as the rhythm is constantly changing and instinct would have to alert you to a different move.

Now, he thinks that because he is driving the biggest bus on the highway, he has the leverage to run people off the road if they don’t see him coming and get out of his way. That technique worked, and works, in “business”. The smart drivers either see him coming in the rear view mirror because they are aware to look for drivers such as he, or they get caught up in the game with him for a while as they learn his behavior. If they are good, they only pay tuition once for the lesson. The bad learner and those that get attached to him, must pay the price upon any encounter with him, and they learn to account for that “cost” such that they still perceive a profit accruing to them. (Cohen was one of those and once he was moved to the side of the freeway he saw the traffic problem because the state trooper explained it to him.)

OK, so the bus driver hears my whisper and tells me to get back in my seat and be quiet. That is what he preaches, and when you look back the aisle of the bus, you see those in the first couple of rows, who heard at least parts of your exchange with him. Those people reflect smiles and nods even though there may be only body language without the manifestation. The ten rows behind him, who heard nothing, don’t seem to care one way or the other about what was going on, they are looking out the windows and enjoying the fact that they don’t have to make any decisions. I go to the last row of the bus, with my hand posed as if I was going to draw a six gun in the old west. My target, though, is the emergency door handle because I am going to throw it, jump and roll, when I see the cliff, as I don’t trust that he will stop the bus in time. (All you CDL holders out there, get that?)

My only other alternative is to throw the driver off the wheel and take over. I would do that, but I need some others on the bus to “see” the need. Perhaps the old west metaphor is apt.: the townsfolk need to witness public manifestation of the wrong acting before they would hand things over to a sheriff. I am there if the townspeople ask (or if Tom Steyer (sic) has room for an “Intern”.) [Mr. Steyer, I think I can provide you with alternative paradigms by which to get the end you seek. I think laterally and see paths others don’t.]

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