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Kentucky, Sorry, it just popped out.


Every politician has to be a bit of a whore (selling themselves in exchange for votes), at least in today’s world.

Rand Paul is one of the most blatant whores ever. Oops, I forgot about his Kentucky buddy, Mitch McConnell. Is it a Kentucky thing? Kentucky became the first state west of the Appalachian Mountains. It could be that it holds that unique “first” position because it was largely populated by smart people, as it took a smart person to survive there, at that time. It was also a smart place to try to live, as illustrated by the aboriginal peoples who preceded those wandering in from the east. There are salt licks and waterways all over the state, which attract animals and allow populations to survive. At one time, Kentuckians lived hard and honest off the land.

I have lived in Kentucky for 35 of my 30 years and I wonder why the sate largely abides these two guys. Both are real good at citing talking points that have been agreed to by the proverbial back room people who choose what will get votes, as opposed to the points that matter to those who actually need the subject matter considered substantively. Now a days, the talking point creators really don’t give a shit about anyone in Kentucky. They merely want the voters in the state to keep the two numb nut senators “in power”. The two in question are also great at diverting to a subject is not relevant. (Man would I love to have one of them in a witness chair for cross examination.)

Yep, that is the way I see it. What I can’t believe is that my fellow Kentuckians can’t see it. We, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, as I have learned by being here, have a Judicial system that stands tall, whereas the same cannot be said for other states. (Our judiciary created “comparative negligence” when it was a new concept, not waiting for our part time elected officials to take that step, as an example of our Judiciary stepping up. There are many more examples as to how they have avoided partisanism. Unlike the state from which I moved, Michigan. Yep, just go take a look at their judiciary hoo haw.)

At one time, a Statesman from Kentucky was not only respected, but listened to. Oops on me. I was going to suggest a reference to Henry Clay, but reading Wikipedia on him, I find that he was not unlike McConnell. One of his mentors set free all of his slaves way ahead of the Civil War, and Clay purportedly agreed that slavery was bad, but kept slaves through his death, which occurred prior to the Civil War. Here is one of the biggest tells of Clay, though, and should stand out as some history that should not be repeated – not word for word, but analogous too what is going on now.

Clay promoted opposition to what the British were doing economically to the US such that he was instrumental in, and the key promotor of, the vote leading to the declaration of the War of 1812. He also, according to Wiki, was the chief “raiser” of an army in support of the effort. What Wiki does not expressly note is that more than half of the dead soldiers from that war were from Kentucky.

Imagine that at that time. KY was a small part of the country, and it was the principle sacrificer in a war that resulted in great economic freedom for the US.

Well, the “support the tobacco farmer” story won votes decades ago even thought the growers in KY were and are not key to the tobacco companies/industry. That whole connection, between the tobacco industry and the tobacco farmer in KY, has disappeared as the tobacco companies admit on TV, by court order, that they have lied and deceived for years. Yep, the law suits have finally run their course and the tobacco industry is not concerned with the improvement to public perception that might arise from some farmers in KY supporting their story, when they can get tobacco grown in countries in which the generic manipulation of the tobacco is largely not paid attention to.

(Coal is headed the same way. The use of coal in electrical production is greatly diminished, not because anyone cares about pollution, but because gas is cheaper. The biggest market for coal is China, which is interesting in the whole Trump Tariff thing. None the less, coal is and will diminish, just as tobacco did.)

Kentucky: McConnel, and to a lesser extent Paul, are participating in the sacrifice of your long term needs, by focusing on a short term illusion that fires you up. As set forth in The Outlaw Josie Wales, not by Josie, but by the guy that engineered what he thought was the reasonable set down of arms by a southern platoon only to see them shot down by the Red Legs, “Don’t piss on my back and tell me it’s raining.”

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