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Going National(ist)


I can’t believe that what follows has not been articulated on TV or the internet. IF it has, just sign me on then.

The Trump machine played further cards in the need for what I call, Let’s Go Nationalist. Sure, that seems ridiculous that they could actually hope to get to the end of that path, but heck, even they didn’t think they would get elected.

Then Putin came in and he described a world in which the US was no longer responsible for everyone. It could look inward and allow the rest of the world to straighten itself out. Putin may has gone so far as to tell Trump that he would be one of the Oligarchs to germinate in the nationalistic state that the US could become under him. Putin would point out that the world could be split up and that conflicts would awalsy exist such that they just need to be managed and he could take care of that in Asia.

They let Stephen Miller out today, arguing with a guy on CNN, but really just spouting Nationalistic talking points, Text Book and it will resonate with the base, the base will be snapping at the bit once the real possibility of going nationalist comes forward.  Can’t it be seen?

All of the moves continue without façade. Look at the removal/lessoning of sanctions to company owned by Russian Oligarch friends of Putin. Really, it is blatant and why is it slowed.

Perhaps the Mattis resignation will finally get the attention of those that have had blinders on, or expressly looked away from the bad behavior.

Here’s the thing: If we can last long enough, Mueller has “the nuts” in the Trump legal matters. I have said for a long time that there would be a record because of Trumps business model. He has to borrow and borrowers will secure the lending public filings, as the only way to secure the depts and lead the line. That paper trail, as it used to be known, will be easy to find and easy to show the financial stakes Trump has a stake (probably both Russian and China, with, perhaps, China being much more passive as is there want). I know that once Mueller shows his cards, if he doesn’t get someone to whisper to Trump the nature of what he faces such that a deal is struck, the cards will show a direct and express Conflict of Interest.

Putin laughs either way, already being effective at forever changing the character of the US. We will be able to overcome this, but the path back will be harder, more expensive and take longer the longer we wait to call his bluff. He is not “gone” in a mental sense, he is merely selling us all out, with purpose and without qualms, it appears.

There are people that get it, but no one is articulating it. Look, the middle 80% of society, those that are not the smartest and not the most stupid, need it articulated many times before their cognitive dissonance is even close to “un-done”. I have no voice that can be heard. I am old and don’t know how to “sell” via the internet. Anyone that agrees with what I put forth, can you get it out to he public?

I have addressed commercial disputes with largely successful results around the world, after litigating them in the US. I am a lateral thinker who has picked up behavior knowledge in rooms all around the world. I have seen Trump people, not to mention Putin people and all other kinds in those travels. The general citizen of the US lives in a paradigm that cannot begin to understand that the rest of the world does not dance to our rhythm. There is a unique constantly changing rhythm as you move around the world, including long term strategy on many levels that would be poo poo’d in the US. Trump’s behavior, though, is childlike in that world and they all laugh at the technique he employs, which is text book simple.

If they replace Mattis with a Nationalist, we will look a lot like Germany in the early 1930s, expressly including the attacks on the news purveyors

The fact tat Ann Coultor shamed Trump and that resulted in him reaffirming his flop negotiating technique by re-flopping. She pointed out his original flop, and in so doing everyone of her listeners looked and saw that what Trump had flopped with the cameras running had shrunk away. He flops again, but it will once again shrink. His fans won’t get it, they will see him as gallant in the attempt and coulter will leave him off the hook. The misdirection is the thing, for now, but the Russian thing and the resultant move to nationalism fits into this scenario. After all, the wall is for protection of the country. That is the song and 35% of the voters will sing that until their voice fades. Just look at the tobacco farmers that sang for the tobacco companies, who now don’t need them and don’t care about them.

(I know, I don’t connect all the dots. That is because they are obvious to me. If you don’t see the connection, I can explain it if you articulate the gap you can’t resolve.)

Bullet Points:

  • Actions in multiple courts, multiple defendants, multiple aspects of what Mueller is uncovering.
  • Clear ties to Russia’s behavior exist, though not fleshed out in detail – yet.
  • Removal of Sanctions against Rusal, a Russian company owned to the tune of 70% by an Oligarch named Deripaska through his ownership of EN+.
  • Deripaska is a long time “buddy” of Putin, and has a relationship with VTB Bank, controlled by Kremlin
  • Pull out of Syria
  • Made deal with Senate to avoid shutdown.
  • Called out by Ann Coulter,
  • Called in House Republicans and came up with the charade of a new “bill” to go back to the Senate.
  • Put Stephen Miller out to articulate the talking points that make the Nationalist overture to the base, based upon the “wall”, which was given up by Trump until Coulter challenged his manhood. (She knows how to negotiate the way he understands, challenging his flop style.)
  • CNN releases signed Letter of Intent with respect to Hotel in Moscow, shows terms, etc. (Read this letter as a lawyer and see the path laid out. Trump’s multiple entities in the letter take no financial risk at all and it is couched in terms of a Trademark lease, but there are conditions that require the Leasee to hire Trump affiliates to operate, market, etc. the property. Nice lawyering, but would not hold up in that form in a face to face negotiation, especially with the Trump Flop Technique. (Heck, maybe it would with a $5mm bribe suite.))

Here is the move: Leave Asia to Russia, and maybe China. Leave our allies alone and shaking their heads. Reinforce with the base that everyone is out to get Trump. Appeal to the base that drastic threats appear and drastic response is necessary. Use the Wall and the nasties from outside to cause Nationalism appeal. Putin is Hitler and Trump will be his Mussolini.

Here’s the chance the rest of us have: Mueller has documented evidence of Trumps debts to Russian banks because banks always secure their loans, especially with Trump. There are also, probably, Chinese banks, but the Chinese are less overt, playing both Trump and Putin at the same time.

Clear as a bell to me and I don’t understand why sophisticated Republicans would not jump from the Bus Trump is driving toward the Nationalism cliff. (He has been told that he will be one of the Oligarchs for the new America.

And this week, we are talking about the shut down and the military impact of the withdrawal. NO ONE is talking about the impact of the quitting of Syria, and that is what it is, quitting, or the removal of sanction process that is now in a 30 waiting (and comment) period.


Oops, Stephen King gets it based upon something I saw, I think on Facebook. Nice!

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