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Trump Cries “Wolf”


(Take what follows for what it is. I have always seen things developing ahead of others who were immersed in the same play in which I found myself. The following is the current take that is obvious to me and which I think will play out. We will see.)

Trump wants to be an Oligarch. He may not even realize that on a conscious level, but that is the path upon which he finds himself. The following influences all line him up that way. First, the Russians as they did seek to, and eventually did, buy influence with him and manipulate voting segments by fraudulent social media behavior. Then, the Saudi Prince and his cronies have always bought influence in US politics and with him they use his properties, in a silly attempt to “hide” the behavior, plus properties he has elsewhere in the world. All of it is discoverable, though. Then there is the guy from Breitbart and Stephen Miller, who are preaching the Nationalism tune to him and having him behave in such ways as gets a certain segment on his bus and convinced that outsiders need to be beat off their attack of the way of life we know. That is an easy sell to his base. It is also the same as has happened in history.

The Russians, if the US took even a minor step toward Nationalizing by Emergency Order would be just overjoyed. It would give them a green light to take over Ukraine entirely, as the US would be looking the other way. Meanwhile, we were going to leave Syria, leaving that entirely to Russia, and leaving our helpers, the Kurds to the mercy of Turkey, who also has a leader that would love Nationalism and has been embraced by Trump. Oh, then look at the loose leash on Saudi Arabia, allowing them to continue the Nationalist behavior they had always done as a Kingdom.

Note to all, the term Oligarch has arisen to use in language in the last 30 years or so, as a direct result of the concentration property ownership, both real and personal properties such a corporate and bank stock, by a bunch of different folks who carved up the USSR upon its demise. Putin is one of the key players, but the others are well known to historians and people who have been paying attention. That is who is into Trump, but he believes that he will be there equal, then their superior. Yes, he actually sees himself teaching them a thing or two. Here is the deal though, Putin and the Prince are killers, Putin directly himself back in the day, and Trump could not do a real act. They know that.

The Congress will have to step up and stop him, unless they wait for Mueller and others. Eventually, mark it down, the Senate will override a veto of a bill that will neuter Trump, then the real trial starts, unless Trump pleads out. The current dance is all to misdirect from the Mueller facts, which Trump people can see as the writing on the wall, and which will be out soon enough. The “emergency” he is threatening is, however, enough to trigger a must move by Congress and the Senate will be dragged to the right place, one by one. The first to leave have started signaling their move.

The claim of emergency, emergency, etc. over the last several days is Trump building up belief that there is an actual national emergency because of the lack of wall. The “facts” proposed by the President and those that would buy in and sell his story, are all a misrepresentation to the extent that the evil concern is actually tied to a lack of “wall”. Sure, there is human trafficking  , drugs coming across, etc. but they are happening at ports of entry for the most part. Sure, there are trickles over the open border, but the big masses are by other means. Cross examination of anyone claiming otherwise would show the fail, and everyone in Congress knows. They will have to step up and call out the person who is calling wolf when there is no wolf. Let’s hope we don’t miss the real wolves: Russia, North Korea and Iran.

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