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Little Big Horn?


Trump is not unlike General George Armstrong Custer. (Custer was last in his graduating class of West Point and only got a chance in the army at all because he graduated in 1862, in the middle of the Civil War.) Really, if you read a summary of their lives, say in Wikipedia, things jump out, and remember, Trump’s Little Big Horn is yet to occur.

They both had yellow hair upon which they put too much emphasis, but that is a superficial indicator. Both exhibit the trait of the initial overwhelming of a foe that might be surprised and give up without fully ascertaining the best path to success. Here is the common problem: Once that technique is displayed and learned it will not work.

In the combined Native American tribes that joined up to face Custer, he faced fighters who were being kicked off their land because gold was found on it. WTF they thought, we got nothing else to do, so let’s see if we can use the white man’s rhythm against him. They would not challenge the initial power of the 7th Calvary, but looked to the long path they could walk better. They lured Custer into thinking he had the surprise and the numbers. Oops.

Trump, in dealing with North Korea and China, not to mention South Korea since they are directly impacted by both of those other fronts, does not understand that their history is based upon more than 4 centuries of practice, where even those places from which the USA rhythm develops is maybe 2.5 centuries, and most directly about one century. “They” see things in terms of a much longer period than do we, and Trump is on even a more limited time frame of understanding. Heck, for him 6 days is a long look ahead. For the Chinese, 6 years is NOTHING and you can bet that North Korea is in a similar mindset. As with Custer’s Native Americans, what else do they have to occupy them?

Oh, and don’t get me started on Russia. Heck, their entire way of governance “fell” 30 years, or so, ago. So, the Oligarchs, newly created despots of local import, can easily out wait and mess with any US President whom considers him self their buddy. Same is true for the Ruling Family of Saudi Arabia. Seriously, they are ruled by a family.

Trump sees himself in the same light, but this is the U S A, thank you. We will expose him, or Mueller will, and it will be up to US, for the first time in history, to show a different historical outcome than has happened in history when a Nationalist tries to leverage the people against the people. For the first time in history, the majority of the population, as compared to all of the minorities of the population added together, is not 90% of the population.

One thing we have here, though it is not well recognized yet: While the US pays homage to a racial heritage of Euro American settlers, our Constitution allows that they should not be the ultimate determiners of the rhythm by which the country dances. We are intended, by the Constitution, to be a combined rhythm. We are slowly learning that by the variance that is in the air waves as we operate. Out in parts of the country, the rhythm of the people living there is still largely isolated and comfortable for them, but the internet will change that faster than in the past. In the cities, and elsewhere now thanks to the internet, the white Euro Americans who are not rich are finding that those others who are not rich have a valid rhythm. Trump and Custer apply one sole rhythm that was comfortable for them, but could not stand scrutiny of others with whom they came in contact. Just wait and see.

Well, that’s enough for now.

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