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Trump Financial Escape Plan


I wrote months ago that the money trail would lead to the undoing of Trump’s family such that someone would come to Trump and tell him that they had him. The rulings this week, by two Federal Courts and a newly enacted NY State law will divulge a lot of his finances, both tax wise and bank loans wise. The bank loans will all be secured by documents that are filed such that the ultimate debts and security will be exposed. I believe it is likely that Russian interest will be dead center on the debts and the losses on the taxes will be tied to various real estate failures claimed.

Meanwhile, the US is stepping up military pressure on Iran, though there is not much agreement, and certainly no clear threat other than the one the activities of the US is creating as reaction to what Trump is ordering. Why? Well, if Trump is in trouble, perhaps he things a war will cut off all this other stuff. I is so Nationalistic in the path chosen that I can’t understand why no one else sees it. A distraction? Ouch that might just hurt a lot.

Just like my earlier prediction, this is now out there. Let’s see what happens.

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