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Danger Approaching


Why does the General Public not see this:

Trump lost two court rulings this week, in disparate Federal Courts, and NY enacted a law that will expose his tax returns. The numbers will show his real financial profile, and the Deutsche Bank information will show documentary trails of the security retained by various lenders. (I have experience with the machinations of real estate development, and insolvency proceedings in Germany and Austria, as well as Trial in US Bankruptcy Court.) Those lenders are known to Trump and he knows the path they show. So, he is under extreme pressure on many fronts that are not specious in the potential outcome.

He is stepping up offensive behavior around Iran, forcing them to react.

He walked out of the last summit with North Korea and that has forced them to react.

He stepped up the financial battle with China three weeks ago and this week they called him out for the obvious behavior he exhibits, and they have reacted further affecting the world financial picture.

Trump will take any war, literally, for a chance to distract everyone and to exercise nationalistic type control over the behavior of the US in “response” to the behaviors set out above, all of which he created by his crude, unsophisticated and sophomoric negotiation behavior.

I will tell you why people don’t see this: Because they would have to shift their paradigm for evaluating US presidential behavior from what has applied in the past. It was always safe to support presidents until right now. It is not safe to trust this guy and most people have never witnessed the loss of trust in the behavior of someone who was in charge. It is there to see now, in the moment, but about 80% of the population will only see it when it is a fait accompli. Seriously, the US is in physical danger because of his behavior. Oh, and the Russians are merely cracking up as they watch.

It doesn’t take a complete 180⁰ turn of the paradigm. Not even a 90⁰ flip. All a person need do is just take a step to the right or the left of the path they have been walking, in order to see the path that is exposed. Right now, the General Public only sees the back of the person just ahead of them on the path that has been the reasonable paradigm of a citizen. Without an understanding of the curve the path has taken, the marching will continue. I hope knowledge is conveyed and accepted soon.  Post Mortem is dangerous, though typical, way to learn all of this.

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