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WTF 45? WTF!


Here’s the deal on the United States RIGHT NOW.

Trump has been obvious to those who are smart and paying attention, even to people on his “side”. He has always been in it solely for he and his. That is the way he operated his business dealings and he thought it should apply to him always. I said years ago that he wanted to be an oligarch. The question right now is if the general public can be urged to consider that the leader of the stampede they have been brought into is being lead by a bull that doesn’t give a shit about the herd. He will see the cliff and veer off at the last minute, but those in the herd, who only see the ass in front of them, will follow that ass over the cliff if, say, a few other herd members don’t make the distinction necessary to take the same step aside and avoid the drop.

The only way to get the word to the herd is to teach them, sensor style, because they are not intuitive, or if they are, they see the cliff and step aside themselves without concern for the rest of the herd, except for a few that have a sudden change of heart.

In order to do that, educate the average people, the congress people in charge need a talented cross examination of those that are coming in front of them. Such good cross examination people are rare and the congress should get someone who does this well, who can put the question in front of the congress person who is doing the talking. It would be tough, because there is a timing aspect of the cross examination dance. There is also a body language thing to it such that it should be done by the person thinking it.

Good cross would allow the country to understand how bad Trump is for the country, because of his contravention of The Constitution. He just doesn’t care and that is expressly contrary to his obligation as President. Cross examination will show that and the sooner the better, cause Trump, Barr, maybe Pompeo, oh and Steven Miller all focus on Trump being Oligarch, which is really Emperor. Trump actually believes that is what President means.

There is more here, but if you can comprehend that I am glad.

Here’s a thought: I could see getting Trump to go all Captain from the Caine Mutiny on Cross. Really, I am fairly confident that I could get him there. I have done guys like him before, and having been crossed three times myself, including in a murder trial as a prosecution witness, I know the dance from all over the dance floor.

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