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Liar’s Dance


If you care to watch FOX News, you can watch as Trump does the classic Liar’s Dance.

He can’t be stopped. I have seen it a number of times in a courtroom and other rooms in which I was an involved lawyer. If you are a courtroom lawyer, which only a small percentage of lawyers are, and if you have experience with cross examination, both those that went well and those that maybe didn’t, you learn about the various dances that witnesses will do. One of the biggest realizations I had, fairly early in my exposure to the various dances in the courtroom, was the honest reply to an honest question presented dance. In most cases, the real key witness(es) is not the party or party representative. Instead, it is a person who is testifying to facts that are necessary for the case. In such matters, the witness is prepared and is walked down the direct examination path that he has rehearsed with the attorney who does the direct exam. The best cross examination of that witness will ask questions that, when answered, exposes the witness, and everyone else in the room, to a path that is not in conflict with his prior testimony, but tells a different story. An honest question will get an answer from a witness who is interested in merely telling the truth. The original “drop the mic” moment occurred well before mics existed, but was preceded by, “Thank you, no further questions.”

I told you about the honest witness to point out that no one should ever try for the drop the mic moment with Trump. He is a liar. There can not be any question of that can there? So here is what is important to know when you are crossing a liar – they will never acknowledge that they lie. If you seek the capitulation of a liar party to make your case, you will likely loose.

Instead, you merely walk the liar down the liar path and put it all in the record. You can make your questions incredulous such that everyone else in the room will see the lie, but don’t shoot for converting the liar. Instead, you merely expose the lie such that the Judge, Arbitrator or Jury can clearly see the lie. With Trump, just let him rant and rave and the American People, who are the ultimate jury that can make the herd Republicans stand up for The Constitution, will hopefully see the lie. Those firmly in the Trump camp will never admit the lie, but they are not large enough in number to control the situation.

Well, I can’t stop myself and with the internet out there, what the heck. Trump will provide the story that proves his misbehavior.

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