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Paradigm Awareness


I have a stick drive in my vehicle and it provides my “recorded” music. I started out in the AM radio, then 8 track paradigm, so I am still a bit old school, not having a streaming service do my music for me. I always have it on a mode where it skips around the drive for the next song, no real rhyme or reason that I can program.

Anyway, driving yesterday Melancholy Man came on, while I was sitting at a long light such that I got emersed in it. As I took in the words, I realized that for me this fall is the 50th anniversary of my real connection to the words, though I has heard the song for a couple of years before that on the radio. I was a college freshman, living on the top floor of an eight-story dorm, and I put the song on and sat in the window looking out, feet over the edge, but with no intention of jumping, or falling, merely enjoying the fact that I could see a long way, and I had my feet not “on the ground” as the song portends.

I heard the words then, but my life was such that I was not anxious about what life meant and the words were foreign to me, but I was contemplating the message none the less. Heck, I was at that age when my brain started wondering further off the path my parents, teachers, coaches and surrounding environment had presented to me as the sensible choice. The “beam of light” always caught my attention, as ever since I could recall my brain seemed to have presented me with alternatives to the paradigm into which I had been introduced by birth. At that time I had not had much contact with the guy whose life was “caught up in misery”.

Fifty Years later, I am aware of the misery paradigm, not directly for me but adjacent to my space such that I could feel it. Anyone who has been in Arraignment Court routinely knows of the impact of being caught up in misery, and I found it in other places a little closer to home as well. So, take a listen and if you have avoided both misery and those caught up in it, maybe work to adjust your paradigm to create some empathy in that direction.

With the Pandemic and the other changes wrought in the world over the past 50 years, it is clear to me that the wheels of life keeps rolling and the wave of reality created by the rolling is such that there are highs and lows of many different factors. As with the movie of the same name, there are occasions when a Perfect Storm, at which moment multiple different wheels are at their respective “lowest”, and it certainly seems possible that we (the whole human race) are facing such a possibility, with an end result like that of the movie. In such an event, misery will become more widespread than currently appreciated and a greater number will become melancholy. The answer, my friend, may well be blowing in the wind.

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