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The Supreme Court


Just a quick heads up for those that need/want it.  Here is one of the ramifications of the two rulings of interest this week – health care and marriage rulings.  Both of these are here to stay, but rest assured that the fight will go on, and here is the point.  The fight will go on because there is a very small percentage of society that gives a crap, but the real reason why the fight will go on is because there is money to be made in the fight, and political “gain” as well.  (The gain is imaginary to a certain degree, but of course that is true in politics anyway.)

Advertisers will be the first to make money, FOX network will blab, blab, blab about it and its advertising payments will continue to be source of income to those that sell advertising (and to a lesser extent, those whose service or product is advertised).  It does not matter the validity of the discussion, just so long as it occurs and results in viewers that are measured and counted against a prediction as to how many are planted in front of the TV (doing little in the process).  R. Limbaugh will sell the hell out of this, telling the 5% of society that forms his discipleship how he predicted it and then selling BS.  Yes, 5% is enough of an audience by which to make a lot of money doing nothing but spewing inane trivialities.

So, the dead horse will be beat again and again.  Righteous indignation will be promoted and the validity of the Justices will be questioned. (And the Joker, Scalia, will be quoted ad naseum.  What an ego he must have!

There is no stopping this rock as it rolls down the hill, but thought I would point it out to you.

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