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Lies and The Card


I was made aware, today, of a fundamental paradigm in which NeighborDave dwells.  My dad used some phrases, in my presence while I was growing up, that were not readily discernable by most children of my years.  I didn’t know that then, but I did know that they made me think about why he would use that certain combination of words.  As a result, at least as far as I can tell, I “saw” phrases in their entirety right away, but I also “heard” every note that was being played in the piece.  I didn’t need to see the chart for the music, but I understood the difference in the notes.

“If I made that up, they’d call me a liar.”

Here is one explanation as to why “these people” (since they have chosen to put themselves in a certain box, we outside the box should be free to accept that distinction) will vote for Trump. (I refrain from both names as that is superfluous, and The Donald is passé.  However, thinking of him in terms of being a trump card, with some “extra” power just by sake of being from a certain suit is just too poetic to pass up (isn’t it).)  Oh, these people:


Seriously, the thought (at least somewhere inside this group, though certainly not pervasive throughout the group) is, “If we are going to lie, it might as well be a whopper.”   (They bend that way with the statement “Greater Cincinnati Area”.  This sign is 100 miles from Cincinnati, and facing the traffic with Cincinnati at its back. (they would have to turn around to take advantage of this offer!) The “museum” itself, is 16 miles or so from where Cincinnati touches the Ohio River, but it is out in the boonies in KY (maybe coincidentally only, there is a casino in Indiana, across the river and not far, at  least as compared to Cincinnati. But I diverge.)

I have not been to the facility, nor will I ever, so I can’t advise you what you will find there.  Apparently, though, “All Answers are in Genesis”.  I postulate that such level of assurance almost guarantees that these people will vote for The Trump Card (really, it just jumps out at you doesn’t it, it is a must use from here on since that is exactly what he has assumed for himself, yes I get the ass reference).  For, Trump Card always has a guaranteed answer.  Now, the guarantee has an unstated time limit, and none of them are for all times (as I am sure that the above Genesis guarantee is), but the distinction of the fourth dimension is lost on quite a few in today’s world of America.  Trump Card may not be right, but he is sure and that is all they have to hear.  His lie can be adopted by them and suddenly he has, what, 4-8% of the voting populace in his camp.  Note, I said the voting populace.  With the entire populace, his numbers are lower, but so what, eh.  The Card (had to shorten it now that it is out there) disparately obtains any number of these 4% groups (and boy they get locked in once they have to defend him to themselves (and others)) and off he goes.  This is a game he plays with the things he “owns”.  He doesn’t really own anything outright, as there is financing for all that he does, that is his true game.  Walking others into the room, then selling it to them such that the financing is in place, and he moves on to a new room, leaving the residents to the results they may get.  Because he has so many rooms, the financial people keep holding his hand, but you know that they don’t really like the feel.  It is the ultimate bean counter game, and the “seeing” sense, applied to numbers, outweighs all the others, especially the sense of smell.  Hearing is quite dulled as well, but not that sense of touch (of things).

So The Card can get libertarians to lean his way because all he wants is the freedom to make whatever choices he thinks are in his best interest.  Libers guess that such a world, in which each and every one of us gets to do what we think is in our own best interest, would be a great deal.  (Problem is, again in the numbers: there is a certain percentage of us that are absolutely, unbelievably, evil in carrying out such a tactic, and a little greater percentage who are pretty darn rotten in so doing, such that the real ability to decide for yourself may well be negated significantly.  Good in theory, but the bigger the sampling pool, the harder to maintain.  (NeighborDave would do well in that dance, but he has doubts about society as a whole being able to slog it out.)  The Donald also picks up the anti-abortion folks, though he was apparently always pro-choice (of course he is, he wants to be able to make all of his choices unhampered by interference by anyone, and he will sue you to prove it).  He has other, disparate, groups, that, if they were in the same room as his other groups, would be screaming and yelling at each other.  They add up.  So long as he keeps them in their separate rooms, as he does with his “holdings” none of them really communicate with each other.  They are sucked in by their investment now, and to disinvest, would be a big cost (not the least of which is admitting the error to themselves). Here is my close to the loop for now, not really a close, but….

Yesterday I saw a note on the internet attributed to Hunter Thompson and suggesting that sometimes it was good to return to Louisville, wander the park and recall the place that formed him.  I would guess that Thompson, as perhaps illustrated by his musings in his great book “Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail”, would have had one hell of a rift on The Card.  Man, that would have been fun to read.  Heck, it would be fun to see Thompson in the “gallery” when the Card was speechifying.  This sign is in the Ville and my brain just had to run down this path.  Couldn’t stop it, but as my friend Forrest once admonished me, “It’s no good unless you share it.”  (I guess my dad and Forrest had some commonality, at least to me.)

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