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The Election:

All of the “little” issues, abortion, tax, gay marriage, wealth redistribution, will stand to the side such that the determining factor for the next presidential election is who can protect us against terrorists, ISIS perhaps, but more. Trump is a salesman. He sells people on the prospect of them surrendering their money in exchange for a deal he puts together. He does not put his own money in the same pot in which they put their money. At the closing of each deal, he leaves with his money. Sometimes the amount that leaves the deal at closing is up to 40% of the entire collection in hand (or merely prospective in some instances). The audacity of the transaction is accepted in that world, but for the common man, they would say,” What the heck?”

Anyway, he may be able to sell the concept he is selling as to how to deal with terrorism, but beware that a person like him, who resorts to courts to leverage the situation in his best interest, will not be able to operate his normal and customary behavior without the leverage to which he is accustomed. Therefore, he would leverage the United States, just as the 2nd Bush leveraged us by going into Iraq (after we were already in Afganistan, and while we still had high ground on the “opinion” scale around the world).

That is not the person we (The US) will need in the current times. The leverage of being a big nation evaporates in the face of how terrorism exists (See – the American Revolution, e.g.).

Instead, we need a person who can “negotiate” without leverage, play the hand without a trump suit if you will. (Couldn’t pass that up.) Trump certainly appears to have always had leverage on his side, including, in the most obvious sense, his threatening and “doing” bankruptcy for the leverage it provided to him. Oh, and each of his deals is independent of the other such that any liability is tied only to that particular investment. Surely, or he has bad lawyers. The US does not have “independent” deals, as we have found out as the result of our behavior. Everything we do is measured, often by standards that are skewed, but that is “today”.

Anyway, the issue now becomes: How to illustrate the Trump Card’s need for leverage to the voting public in advance of it becoming obvious by operation – at which point it will be too late for the glaring shortcoming to be “undone”? Be assured, if the Trump Card is played (elected) every other player at the table will just shake their head internally.  Most will work for our good, since we are so necessary for the good of the world, but the Chinese and the “terrorists” will just begin to play the game at a level that we will find challenging.

In the business world the Trump Card impact can be addressed by lawyers, but the US is not a mere business entity. It is perhaps the most unique creation for the governance of human kind yet created, at least on the scale it operates. Do we really want to overplay our hand as The Trump Card would have us? Perhaps some are willing so to do, but should clearer heads prevail? Will Nero fiddle again?

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