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Call it what it is


If the US were not a nation made up by a diverse set of people, we would be well down the road that Germany traveled when it became a Nazi state. Sure, when we started out we were dominated by “white” (hate that designation, but..) Europeans. However, those white folks were fundamentally diverse in the religion that they practiced. We have separation of church and state because those that created the “state” of the US did not want one of their religions franchised at the expense of the other. The two main choices were the Protestants of New England vs the Episcopals of Virginia and it’s surroundings. So, the diversity was still within the white world, but it was a fundamental schism that assured that we would be different than Europe in which the religion and the state were tied to each other. We also precluded a King or Emperor and the developing separation between congress and Trump is illustrating that division. (Trump’s advisers think his base will pressure the congress to toe the line, but the base is not enough votes to survive the battle.)

That diversity, created within the white folks and the relatively wealthy folks, but surely those solidly within the “franchise” of how things would run, may not have anticipated how far the created divisions would reach at the time of creation. After all, only male landowners could vote, so it is understandable that the breadth of the franchise could not be anticipated to include women, Catholics, brown people, etc. (Aside, the Jews already had a big inroad that few recognized at the time. The Dutch East India company owned a lot of New York and it was largely a Jewish run company, since every other country in Europe had kicked out or run off the Jews. The Netherlands did not, and that is where the Jews could safely carry out business (and pay taxes).) Now a days, everyone has a voice in the franchise, even though those with big money and a PAC have a much louder voice, but still.

The people that are now the “Alt-Right” see themselves decedent of the creators of this country, but they would likely not have been recognized as such at the time. The working laborer was not part of the franchise at that time. They had no right to vote and no voice. They fought, but that is because England, with a King, was more objectionable than the land owning businessmen who wanted to create a meritocracy as a new way to govern. None the less, the Alt-Right is who elected Trump. Yes, that is probably 25% of America that will never be disenchanted with/by Trump, unless he truly calls them out and he is unlikely so to do. The AR wants a meritocracy, but they want it to favor them because they think “they” (read: their people) created the meritocracy and they are now excluded from it. That is not true on both points, but unless you are able to discern reality from perception, it is lost.

The AR is who organized the Charlottesville invasion this weekend. They are organizing one for Boston next, at least that is what I hear on TV. The AR is Steve Bannon, the guy who came on once Trump was done with the Republicans and had only Hillary to face. The AR got the unfranchised white folks to vote for the Trump franchise, thinking he was one of them. Heck, he looks down his nose at all of them, just look at his history. He likes rich folks, of any color, not poor white folks. Here’s an illustration, in financial terms that might be understood, between the Trumps of the white world and the laborers of the white world:

The laborers might drive a full size pickup truck. Probably one that is 10 years old and has over 100,000 miles on it. They buy it used, then they use it. The Trumpers might drive a Cadillac Escalade, or even a big pick up. They buy it new and they don’t use it to haul stuff, except maybe floats to the Country Club swimming pool. However, look at the license plate of their vehicle and you may discover it has a “Farm” plate. Seriously, go to a place where only rich people go, the Country Club, the Boat Club, the exclusive restaurant, etc. and look for Farm plates on big SUVs and Trucks. They won’t have any mud on them and the inside won’t have tools or file folders on the seat. Why then do they exist you might ask. Well, they are tied to a piece of property that satisfies a section in the US Tax Code that allows the buyer of such a vehicle to amortize its cost (a direct offset to income) over 2 or 3 years. It is deemed to be used in furtherance of “farming” because it falls within the language of the tax code, which was a gift from law makers to rich folks and to the car companies that wanted to sell more of those big environmentally burdensome vehicles upon which there is a very nice “margin” of return.

So, poor white guy, you are supporting a sect of society that does not want you in their club, but smiles and puts their arm around you when they want your vote. Just try to get in their gated community some time, in your old pickup. No go, unless you are there to do landscaping or other manual labor, but never on Saturday night!

So, when trump “denounced” the KKK, and other named groups, he expressly left out the Alt Right by name. That was a key omission by his handlers and was not called out by the news people. Why not? That is the true crux of the matter. The AR is emboldened by Bannon – Breitbart – Trump. The AR is Trump’s base. The AR hoped that the US would toe the line under Trump and convert itself accordingly.

Fortunately, we are diverse enough to not let them sneak up on us, but they will always be there and it will take more and more of them showing their heads above the foxholes in which they have resided before the spades can be called spades, but in this time of increased communication curtesy of the internet, it will be harder for them to have it both ways. (It is my understanding that some faces showing up on the internet got fired by employers who recognized them. How could they not see that coming?)

Last thought – for those that want to protest and confront the AR. Don’t use violence or loud shouting. That is what they want, plays right into their hand, what they expect and what they feed off. Here is my suggestion. Form up, don’t say a thing, don’t carry a thing, but wait for them to march or talk. When they do, turn your back as one. If you really want to make a statement, then MOON THEM.

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