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Popovich Named It: Disrespect for Racism, not Disrespect of the Flag


LeBron called it out and every person of color knew what he was talking about, but Pop called it out for “white” folks. (I hate that reference, but everyone knows what it is.) The Trump Card is using his usual play: Diversion

Pop declared that the real issue is that white folks get to start a 100-meter dash, in the socioeconomic play that occurs in the USA, with a 50 meter head start on people of color.

“It’s hard to sit down and decide that, yes, it’s like you’re at the 50-meter mark in a 100-meter dash. You’ve got that kind of a lead, yes, because you were born white. You have advantages that are systemically, culturally, psychologically there. And they’ve been built up and cemented for hundreds of years. But many people can’t look at it, because it’s too difficult. It can’t be something that is on their plate on a daily basis. People want to hold their position, people want the status quo, people don’t want to give that up. And until it’s given up, it’s not going to be fixed.” (Emphasis Added)

The 50 meter lead arose from slavery and even though we fought a war to end the slavery thing, then enacted a bunch of laws (in the sixties) and had litigation over it, the advantage still lingers, and the fight for dignity goes on. Worse yet, The Trump Card expressly plays down to those who believe the advantage should never be given up. They don’t realize/acknowledge that they are not entitled to the head start.

Louis Riddick was correct when he modified the optimism of Jalen Rose by stating that some people will not get “it” no matter what takes place (though Riddick and Rose had not articulated “it”). That people won’t get “it” is a dark thought, and Riddick didn’t state the reasons why, but the true reasons are either: 1. A group of people just can’t see beyond a limited understanding of how the US is intended to work under the Constitution; or 2. They know that the position should be given up, but just won’t let go even though they completely understand the conflict arising from preserving the purposeful handicapping that has occurred.

In today’s world, that is what Pop is talking about. Jalen is right: a good percentage of white folks will now be exposed to the concepts that people of color have learned to live with. Those white folks who can and will connect the dots might experience a paradigm shift such that what Pop articulated will be “realized” by a bunch of people who have never previously been aware of the conditions experienced by people of color.

In all fairness, it is hard to make any paradigm shift, but LeBron is Ali like in fighting for it. LeBron makes the point for people of color. Pop, though, provides the illustration for white folks, from the white folks’ perspective. What Pop ARTICULATED represents the essence of what Pete Carrol alluded to in his address about what was taking place. Carroll recognized that a change in paradigm was occurring on Sunday, but he may not even have articulated to himself the key points that Pop made.

Go here and listen to all of what Pop says, because it is the truth.

Pop just tells the truth, and everyone who has not opened up to the truth is denying dignity, the Dignity that Dylan talks about here:

Pop, I think, is from the northern part of Indiana, in which steel mill work dominated the scene locally. That may be why he inclines to calling out the truth. In a steel mill, no lying was permitted and that concept was conveyed throughout the community over dinner as both management and union folks talked about what happens in a mill. There is no lying there because people died in the mill too often, and lying on top of the innate danger is not permitted by anyone.

Jalen holds out that enough will get it, and Louis hopes so too, but with a bigger grain of salt. Here’s a thought for Jalen: I don’t know basketball in the Gary, IN area, but I did know a steel mill in East Chicago, IN in ‘76. In those days though, I did my ballin north of the city along Broadway in Old Town. I did, however, know ball in Southeast Detroit, playing there in the second half of the 70s and through 83 while also knowing the steel mill in Ecorse. The game there did not allow for lying either, so I can see Jalen getting all this and recognizing that a white guy could begin to understand the paradigm of a person of color. Ha, just found out that Mr. Riddick may have a flavor for the steel world, based upon his listed growing up town not far from Allentown, PA. Maybe if we get enough steel mill city ballers in the room, truth will carry the day. After all, Akron is close enough to Cleveland and Youngstown to have a hint of steel.

Truth and Dignity may have a chance to change the actuality of Racism.



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