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Trump as Surrogate


People generally gravitate to not making decisions – in general (let’s say 80% give or take).

A big segment of the population bought the theme that “Washington” did not make decisions, they just talked all the time. They thought that Trump would make decisions, and they liked the thought that he would make such decisions with leverage*. They would all like to have leverage, but most do not. Trump would become their Surrogate for the making of decisions.

In their current state leading up to the election a year ago, as with all of the working class, they either eat shit or die, so if someone told them that he would make America Great Again, they heard “You white folks won’t have to eat all this shit that Obama and his folks have been feeding you.” Also, we will feed a lot of shit to others such that you don’t have to eat so much, since the same amount will continue to be produced. What the story really was, and would become if Bannon had his way, is we fill feed you our shit, and you will like it more.

All those that did not buy the Trump story to begin with are now confirmed in their understanding that he is the Emperor that Bannon wanted to create, but, alas, he has no clothes. Those that bought his song, are still in tune with the rhythm they heard, and believe me they all heard a rhythm that was individual to them, but not out of sync with that hummed by Trump, et al. Soon, they will recognize the taste of the shit they are still eating, realize that it is not much different than before, and they (some) will turn (I hope). Not sure of the time frame, but…

Also, the racists will never turn as they will eat shit gladly in order to be on the top they perceive, at least to the limited, but severely nasty, extent of that status. They still believe, and their belief is not unlike any other zealot – only limited and narrow logic need apply. How far down the road must we go before all the non-believers get off the bus, because it is surely headed to the brink. The sane people need more believes in the greater good, not the individual good.

*(His business was built on the leverage of: I owe you so much that you have to listen to me, or my lawyers will cost you even more money and aggravation. The end result is that people would run from his leverage just to be loose of him. However, they also learned not to do business with him again – unless they got a Letter of Credit or other banking mechanism to assure that when the last payment became due he did not have the leverage he used before.)

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